Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas, Nevada, prepares for an influx of 11/11/11 weddings.

This Friday is 11/11/11. In case you somehow missed the significance of the date, someone on Twitter is sure to remind you. The term Tomorrow is 11/11/11 is currently trending worldwide.

For some, 11/11/11 has taken on a greater importance - and nowhere is that more apparent than in Sin City. Las Vegas, the United States' marriage mecca, is preparing for its biggest day of the year.

People have been talking about 11/11/11 for months now, said Judy Snider, owner of local bridal and fashion store Celebrations. People go for the doubles. It's been like this every year since 7/7/7. That was a big year for us.

The day of three lucky 7s was when the triple-decker wedding craze really hit Las Vegas.

Snider noted this year she's seen more international visitors, particularly from South America.

Aimee Stephens, Marketing Director for the Chapel of the Flowers said people from all over the world are coming to Las Vegas to get married on 11/11/11.

We have couples coming to marry with us from the UK, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, and even French Polynesia!

Weddings for 11/11/11 begin at 8 a.m. in all three of the chapels on the property and go until 11:11 p.m. at night.

11:11 a.m. and 11:11 p.m. were the most coveted times, Stephens said.

In total, the Chapel of the Flowers is preparing for 78 weddings. They'll have five ministers on property to handle the influx of happy couples.

We ran out of spots over a month ago, Stephens said, adding that other chapels in Las Vegas have even more weddings planned for tomorrow. The Chapel of the Flowers capped the number at 78 to provide everyone with the experience they want.

Over 100 chapels in Las Vegas began promoting 11/11/11 wedding packages months back and nearly all of them are sold out for Friday's festivities.

The Clark County clerk's office, where newlyweds-to-be send their Vegas wedding applications, reportedly received 3,500 pre-applications for Nov. 11, 2011.

The office typically receives 1,000 applications per month.

So why are so many people getting married on 11/11/11?

Many believe that getting married on triple numbers is lucky and will bring a lifetime of fortune and happiness. For those with this belief, there's only one more opportunity in the near future: December 12, 2012.

Stephens said the Chapel of the Flowers already has several bookings for 12/12/12. So far, one slot's filled up: 12:12 p.m.