Shaving is part of every man's grooming routine. Typically, we just pick up our razor, make quick swipes then proceed to rinse. Look and feel better with the perfect shave routine. If you're in need of shaving tips for beginners or if you're looking for the best razors for shaving, here's our helpful list of tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect shave.

1. Cleanse Away

OneBlade CLEANSE Start your day by rinsing away any dirt or oil on your face. Photo:

We've always heard the tip "wet your face" or "soften the skin," but do you really understand why this is a must-do? By starting your routine with a quick rinse, your skin becomes softer making it less resistant to your razor. This prevents nicks, cuts and other forms of irritation as you shave. If you are someone with sensitive skin, cleansing helps remove oil and dirt in your face for a smoother finish. OneBlade's Foaming Facial Cleanser contains rosehip seed oil that keeps your face looking young and smooth. It is also loaded with neem leaf extract that gives a calming and soothing treatment for your skin.

2. Find Your Ideal Shaving Cream

Black Tie Shaving Cream Get all the nourishment you need from this perfect shaving cream. Photo:

 It's important that you know if you have oily, dry or sensitive skin. A great shaving cream offers more than just protection but also nourishment. The Black Tie Shaving Cream moisturizes the skin as it's packed with natural butters and antioxidants. The cream prevents razor burns as well as ingrown hairs.

3. Switch To Gel

Using a shaving gel is a much quicker option since you just apply the gel, leave it on for a few minutes to give it enough time to settle on your skin or shaving area before proceeding with the daily shave. The benefit of using gel is that it provides a much thicker lather for better protection against irritation.

4. Razor Selection 

Hybrid Razor Get a smoother finish with this ergonomic razor. Photo:

First things first: avoid dull razors at all costs. Not only does it cause inflammation and increases the chances of razor bumps, but it also increases your risk of getting a skin infection. Old razors can lead to bacteria buildup because of the dead skin cells and shaving cream that it swoops in. Our pro-tip: invest in a high-quality razor and regularly replace your blades. The Hybrid Razor features military-grade stainless steel designed for durability and ergonomic comfort. It is proven to prevent bumps and irritation in all skin types. It is a single-blade razor that gives you a smooth finish.

5. After-Shave Care Is Just As Important

Black Tie After Shave Balm Protect your skin right after shaving. Photo:

A good shave does not end after removing the hair, you should still make sure that it's protected and hydrated for the rest of the day. After shaving and rinsing your face, it's time to add another layer of protection. The Black Tie After Shave Balm helps in healing and restoring your skin through its alcohol-free formula. A great after-shave product should be able to reduce the presence of any redness or bumps. The Black Tie After Shave Balm's key ingredients are aloe vera and red tea extract that helps revitalize the skin right after shaving.

6. You Can Never Have Too Much Protection

OneBlade Restorative Serum Increase your skin's collagen production and elasticity with this nightly restorative serum. Photo:

For those with sensitive skin, you need to load up products with protective ingredients. We recommend OneBlade's Nightly Restorative Serum to help nourish your skin by restoring firmness, enhance skin elasticity and induce collagen production. It's a great product to add to your shaving routine that also complements your skincare routine.

7. Protect Yourself Against The Sun

OneBlade Protect Protect your face against the sun's UV rays. Photo:

If you just shaved then went on with your day, you might notice that the heat is causing you skin irritations. Typically, we'll use sunblock to create a layer of protection against the sun's UV rays. OneBlade PROTECT is formulated with zinc oxide and octinoxate that blocks UV rays while providing natural moisturizers such as aloe vera, lavender and cardamon. You don't need to worry about redness and irritation.

Aside from these shaving essentials, here are additional tips and items that would make for a better shaving experience.

8. Mind Your Tools

Never place your razor blades on the counter or anywhere where it may get wet or damp. Not only do you risk getting your blade getting ruined due to acidic corrosion, but you also increase the chances of your razor becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. If you want to avoid infections, make sure to keep your razor in a dry place.

9. Use A Facial Brush

OneBlade Shaving Brush The ultra soft brush hair is perfect for sensitive skin types. Photo:

If you're using a facial foam or shaving cream, a better method of application is using a brush since it gives a richer and even lather to better exfoliate the face. The OneBlade Shaving Brush has ultra-soft hairs for easy, skin-friendly applications. 

10. Secure Your Grip

OneBlade Razor Grip Avoid any unwanted cuts by having a much secure hold on your razor. Photo:

It's okay to be clumsy but not when you're shaving. If you need a way to secure your hold of your razor while using it, check out this razor grip from OneBlade. It is made from premium silicone and has anti-slip properties to avoid any cuts as you shave.

11. Secure All Your Items

Leather Dopp Kit Have all your shaving essentials in one place! Photo:

Keep all your shaving essentials neat and organized in a sleek Leather Dopp Kit. This is perfect if you're the type who's always on the go. No need to pack and unpack your shaving products every single time!

12. Stock Up

OneBlade Gift Set Share the blessings of shaving with others. Photo:

Now that you're all set to get started in enjoying the perfect shaving ritual, why not stock up on your new shaving essentials? You can also share this newfound knowledge with your dad, siblings and best buds. OneBlade has the Blade & Gift Set for a practical and thoughtful gift for the men in your life.