Time to excite your sweet tooth as we celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day this September 22! Ever wondered what life would be like if ice cream cones were never invented? We bet it'll sure be super sad. Aside from keeping ice cream from dripping all over your clothes, it simply is the best way to enjoy our favorite frozen dessert.

Get your hands on your favorite cones this National Ice Cream Cone Day! Whether it be waffle cones, sugar cones or wafer cones, make sure to pair it with the best ice cream flavors. Here's a list of fun flavors for you to choose from.

Check out this ice cream flavors list and enjoy double, triple scoops of happiness!

Nick's Ice Cream

If you love ice cream, you know that you can't always indulge in this sweet treat. But Nick's Ice Cream is known for serving delicious frozen desserts that aren't bad for you! For starters, it never uses artificial sweeteners. Everything that makes its ice cream sweet can be found naturally in raisins, dates, monk fruit, birch trees and other organic ingredients. Nick's Ice Cream also aids in digestion. Now you need not worry about enjoying your favorite dessert.

1. Coffee Karamell Nick's Coffee Karamell Photo: nicks.com

For those whose go-to coffee flavor is caramel macchiato, you'll be pleased to know that you can finally satisfy your cravings the best way possible. Nick's Coffee Karamell is the ice cream version of your favorite drink! It's coffee ice cream laced with silky caramel swirls for a delightful dessert. It only has 5 grams of carbs per serving so you won't feel bad about going for seconds! 

2. Cherry Choka-Fläka Nick's Cherry Choka-Fläka Photo: nicks.com

The Cherry Choka-Fläka will remind you of a delicious slice of black forest cake. Revolutionizing plain vanilla ice cream by adding pieces of chewy cherries and chocolate flakes, this flavor will surely be fun to try! This low-carb ice cream only has 270 calories per pint so go ahead and enjoy!

3. Swedish Cookie Dough Nick's Swedish Cookie Dough Photo: nicks.com

If you've always tried to sneak in a taste of your favorite cookie dough, you need not worry about getting caught anymore. Nick's Swedish Cookie Dough has perfectly recreated cookie dough's yummy taste, the healthy way. Creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate and chunks of cookie dough? Yes, please!


Nick's has made it a point to make ice cream enjoyable for everyone, even those on a strict ketogenic diet! 

4. Birthdäg Cake Nick's Birthdäg Cake Photo: nicks.com

Birthdays should always be a fun celebration. You can never go wrong with sprinkles, cake and ice cream fused into one delicious treat. Nick's Birthdäg Cake will bring back memories of childhood birthdays. This is also one of the brand's most popular flavors so make sure to grab a pint and try it now!

5. Butter Pekan Nick's Butter Pekan Photo: nicks.com

Can light ice cream ever be as creamy as regular ice cream? Nick's Ice Cream makes it creamier and richer! The chewy pecans in the Butter Pekan flavor make an already rich ice cream base even more wonderful to eat! It provides the right balance of sweetness and nuttiness in one flavor. Go nuts on this keto-friendly treat!

6. Swedish Lemon Bar Nick's Swedish Lemon Bar Photo: nicks.com

Sweet, creamy and a bit tangy? Luscious lemon preserve infused in cheesecake ice cream is surely a surprising combination but it works! You will certainly enjoy the smooth texture and sweet, refreshing taste of the Swedish Lemon Bar flavor. Best of all, this ice cream is also low in sugar!

7. Swedish Pistasch Nick's Swedish Pistasch Photo: nicks.com

This one is for the pistachio lovers out there. The rich base and nutty note in the Swedish Pistasch flavor will have you reaching for more. One customer has a sweet tip: let it thaw for about 10-15 minutes before eating it to enjoy the ice cream in its creamiest form!


Ice cream is for everyone -- regardless of what diet you're on. If you've been having a hard time looking for vegan-friendly ice cream, Nick's Ice Cream has created a delicious, creamy vegan option. 

8. Peanöt Butter Fudge Nick's Peanöt Butter Fudge Photo: nicks.com

Peanöt Butter Fudge is the product of Nick's collaboration with Perfect Day Foods which is well known for its animal-free whey protein that is extremely close to protein in cow's milk. Aside from being dairy-free, this ice cream flavor tastes exactly as what you'd expect from creamy ice cream. Enjoy peanut butter ice cream laced with rich fudge without the guilt. 

9. Hazelnöt Fudge Nick's Hazelnöt Fudge Photo: nicks.com

Lactose intolerance makes it difficult to enjoy ice cream. Fortunately, you can enjoy a cone of Hazelnöt Fudge without any hassle. The yummy chocolate chunks and crunchy hazelnut bits complement each other in a rich hazelnut ice cream base. A chewy surprise awaits!

10. Strawbär Kräm Nick's Strawbär Kräm Photo: nicks.com

Another one of Nick's bestsellers is Strawbär Kräm. The brand went all-out for its take of strawberry ice cream! It perfectly complements the creamy, dairy-free base that doesn't have any weird aftertaste. Finally, a vegan ice cream that tastes like regular ice cream. 

11. Karamell Swirl Nick's Karamell Swirl Photo: nicks.com

Karamell Swirl is Nick's vegan-friendly version of the brand's salted caramel flavor. It tastes just as good but 100% lactose- and animal-free. Ribbons of salted caramel make for the best-tasting caramel ice cream. 

12. Swedish Mint Chip Nick's Swedish Mint Chip Photo: nicks.com

Despite the mixed opinions regarding mint chocolate, Nick's made sure to not leave out this ice cream flavor through its Swedish Mint Cup. This frozen vegan dessert leaves a refreshing, cooling sensation due to its minty flavor. It's topped off with chocolate flakes for a pleasurable experience.