Redheads only account for 2% of the entire global population. Natural red hair color is a recessive gene so both parents need to be carrying the gene for it to manifest in the next generation. Seeing a head full of fiery-hued hair is a rare sight so redheads are treated with admiration and awe. But it wasn’t always like this, redheads used to be looked down on and even persecuted. People who had natural red hair were commonly perceived as untrustworthy and promiscuous. In the Middle Ages, red hair was attributed to magic and witchcraft.

To finally remove the stigma and celebrate being a natural redhead, September 23 was hailed as Redhead Appreciation Day all over the world. If you’re a redhead or close with one, here are some of the best hair care tips along with the best hair products to maintain that fiery look. 

1. Use an all-natural shampoo and conditioner

Commercial shampoos and conditioners are full of sulfates, parabens, silicone and alcohol that do more damage to your hair. These additives tend to clog your pores, dry out and may even damage your hair. A good tell-tale sign of harmful additives in the ingredients list are components with the suffixes -ate/ite, -ben, -ol, and -one. For example, alcohol can discolor your hair with prolonged exposure to the sun. Silicone can make your hair feel soft but that’s because it’s only coating the shaft of each strand, not necessarily hydrating it from the inside.

2. Prose Shampoo

Prose Shampoo Prose Shampoo Photo:

Every crown of red hair is different so no one product fits all types of red hair. Get a shampoo that’s customized for your hair down to the smallest detail. Prose requires you to first answer some questions regarding your hair and scalp, the environment you live in and your hair goals. Then it creates a personalized shampoo for your mane with natural ingredients. Prose's Custom Shampoo is priced at $25 but you can get it for less if you subscribe. 

3. Prose Conditioner

Prose Conditioner Prose Conditioner Photo:

Depending on the results of the quiz, Prose will also offer you a custom conditioner to go with your custom shampoo. Prose's Custom Conditioner complements the shampoo with key ingredients that help with detangling hair strands plus making it soft, smooth and shiny which are important in redhead hair care.

4. Shampoo your hair less frequently

Yes, you should shampoo your hair to get rid of dirt and lessen oiliness. However, you shouldn’t be washing your hair too often because it strips the scalp of its natural oils. The more you shampoo your hair, the more your scalp overcompensates, leaving it oilier. Consider washing your hair twice a week to let the natural oils come out. If that’s hard, try a dry shampoo to keep your hair and scalp fresh and clean.

5. Prose Dry Shampoo

Prose Dry Shampoo Prose Dry Shampoo Photo:

Prose's Custom Dry Shampoo maintains your scalp’s health and gives a deep refresh in between washes. This formula is purely natural, using customized ingredients depending on your results from the Prose hair quiz. It’s a non-aerosol, translucent powder so it’s lightweight yet environmentally friendly. 

6. Let’s Cheat Dry Shampoo

Mane Club Let's Cheat Dry Shampoo Mane Club Let's Cheat Dry Shampoo Photo:

Spray away excess oil and enjoy instant freshness with this charcoal-infused dry shampoo. Let’s Cheat Dry Shampoo from Mane Club uses charcoal powder and rice starch to absorb oil, add body and instantly refresh.

7. Use natural oils

Natural oils that are great for the hair include coconut oil, almond oil and argan oil, which you can apply before washing. You can even use a mixture of these to hydrate the hair, keeping it radiant and shiny. Part your hair in sections and apply a very light layer of the oil from the scalp to the tips. You can also use the oils as a pre-styling product to give it an extra boost of volume and shine. 

8. Prose Hair Oil

Prose Hair Oil Prose Hair Oil Photo:

This weightless hair oil from Prose is best applied either before washing the hair or before styling it based on one of your redhead hair ideas. It adds extra shine without leaving the hair greasy. The Prose Hair Oil is also best used as a renewal treatment to hydrate the scalp and hair follicles.

9. Voodoo Hair Oil

Mane Club Voodoo Oil Mane Club Voodoo Oil Photo:

This weightless hair oil locks in moisture without leaving the hair heavy and greasy. Smoothen frizz, add shine, hydrate and soften your luscious locks with Voodoo Oil from Mane Club.

10. Use a wooden brush

Wood, like any natural material, absorbs oils and moisture. Use a wooden brush to distribute any oils that you are applying to your hair. It also does a great job in distributing your scalp’s natural oils, giving your red hair shine and volume.

11. Agave Bristle Brush

Prose Agave Brush Prose Agave Bristle Brush Photo:

Recommended for fine to medium hair, this Agave Bristle Brush from Prose is made with a mixture of agave and nylon bristles that mimic the classic boar bristle but is vegan and cruelty-free. Brush your tresses damp or dry and enjoy the best results.

12. Treat yourself to a hair mask regularly

A hair mask solves dry and frizzy hair problems. It fully conditions your hair and gives it a luxurious shine and volume that makes it ready for styling. Depending on how much conditioning your hair needs, opt to use a hair mask more frequently. Use one once or twice a week but if needed, you can use one every time before you shampoo.

13. Bad Attitude Volumizing Hair Mask

Mane Club Bad Attitude Hair Mask Mane Club Bad Attitude Hair Mask Photo:

The Bad Attitude Volumizing Hair Mask is best for fine flat hair. If you want to volumize, strengthen and deeply condition your hair, this peach-scented mask is perfect for you. Use each packet 2-3 times.

14. Cry Baby Repairing Hair Mask

Mane Club Cry Baby Hair Mask Mane Club Cry Baby Hair Mask Photo:

This citrus-scented hair mask is best used on damaged hair. If you want to repair, strengthen and deeply condition damaged hair, Mane Club’s Cry Baby repairing hair mask is your best bet. Each packet provides up to 2-3 uses.