As people eagerly bought and tested out their iPhone 13, of course, with every new phone comes new accessories! Here's a list of some of the best CASETiFY cases, which are also considered as some of the best iPhone cases for protection. Don't worry about your new phone getting scratched or damaged as the right phone case will keep it safe, secured and looking cute.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro Max

1. La Vénus de Milo

La Vénus de Milo An elegant and artistic case. Photo:

The Louvre x CASETiFY collaboration is an inspiring collection featuring art from one of the world's most famous museums. Through CASETiFY, timeless art are now in the palm of your hands. It comes with a unique ticket as if you visited the famous museum too.

2. PP-0008

PP-0008 This phone is very fragile! Photo:

CASETiFY collaborated with Montreal-based type foundry, Pangram Pangram® for the  'Pier Sans' font base case. It gives an edgy look to your iPhone 13 by making use of traditional designs commonly found in shipping or packaging deliveries.

3. Custom Clear Phone Case

Custom Phone Case You can never go wrong with a classic design. Photo:

You can never go wrong with a classic design. Highlight the color and beauty of your brand new iPhone 13 with this sleek and slender clear case. Despite the tough protection it provides, your device will still be able to make use of wireless charging.

4. Custom Leather Phone Case

Custom Leather Phone Case A simple yet classy case for your new phone. Photo:

Do you want a more formal look? The leather case design is not just fancy-looking, it is also biodegradable and 100% handcrafted. Made from 90% recycled materials, it's an eco-friendly choice that'll keep your phone well protected. Feel free to personalize it by adding a monogram, initials or your whole name.

5. Custom Mirror Phone Case

Custom Mirror Phone Case Check yourself out any time of the day. Photo:

For those who have a need to constantly check the mirror, this custom mirror case is a great choice. No need to worry if you drop it from 5 feet, as CASETiFY has drop-tested it to ensure quality and durability. It also has an antimicrobial layer to keep the case 99% germ-free.

6. Fun Friends by Jon Burgerman

Fun Friends by Jon Burgerman A fun case that'll brighten up your day. Photo:

Artist Jon Burgerman has created an eye-catching design featuring our favorite food and other fun things, which will surely put a smile on anyone's face.

7. Billet d'entrée

Billet d'entrée A piece of the Louvre at the palm of your hand. Photo:

Part of the Louvre x CASETiFY collection, the Billet d'entrée highlights the experience of visiting the famed museum. From seeing the timeless artwork, the ticket makes for a cool reminder of your experience.

8. The Great Wave Of Pugs

The Great Wave of Pugs This case is a cute take on a symbolic Japanese artwork. Photo:

This version of The Great Waves Of Kanagawa features one of our favorite pets: pugs! What kind of heaven would it be to have a huge wave of baby pugs crash onto you? This case is a cute take on a symbolic Japanese artwork.

iPhone 13 Pro

1. Blooming Gown by Katie Rodgers

Blooming Gown by Katie Rodgers The lush colors would make you want to wear a gown. Photo:

Artist Katie Rodgers is known for her colorful and eye-catching designs that can lighten the mood of those who see it. This case is composed of a variety of relaxing colors that blend to form a magnificent image. Aside from its beautiful design, another highlight of this case is it's military-grade ensuring your new phone will always be 100% secured.

2. Japan Symbols Japan Symbols A feel of Japan anywhere you go. Photo:

Longing to travel to Japan? While we wait for travel restrictions to be lifted, enjoy some Japanese vibes with this case. It makes use of famous Japanese "symbols" such as Mt. Fuji, which will make you want to travel as soon as it's allowed.

3. Airplane Tags 4

Airline Tags 4 The perfect case for any traveller. Photo:

The perfect phone case for travel lovers, it is filled with tickets from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires. What other phone case can inspire you to look up flights and book a  well-deserved trip?

4. Dragons Phone Case

Dragons The legendary being in this elegant design. Photo:

This Dragon print phone case gives your iPhone 13 a cool look. It has a unique vibe to complement your personality and style.

5. BLVCK Custom Monogram

BLVCK Custom Monogram A fancy case for a sleek look. Photo:

The BLVCK Custom Monogram phone case has a luxurious yet minimalist look minus the expensive cost! 

6. Delacroix

Delacroix A touch of historic art. Photo:

Inspired by the work of famed French artist Eugène Delacroix, this Louvre collaboration phone case is a handy version of the famed artist's timeless art.

7. Security Check

Security Check Warn anyone who dares touching your phone. Photo:

The inspiration for the CASETiFY and Pangram Pangram® collaboration is to see from the perspective of a jet-setter's journey, which starts in the airport. This phone case features luggage scan tags, boarding passes, even signages.

8. Solar System

Solar System The planets at the palm of your hands. Photo:

Have the whole solar system at the palm of your hands! Those who are into space will be delighted to have this minimalist design featuring the different planets.