• Alvin Severin, 19, said he blacked out during the attack 
  • He slashed his girlfriend's throat and struck her in the face with a hammer
  • Severin was charged with second-degree murder 

A New Orleans youngster has been accused of brutally slashing the throat of his pregnant teen girlfriend before bludgeoning her to death with a hammer after a heated exchange of words. 

The suspect, identified as Alvin Severin, 19, confessed to attacking his 18-year-old girlfriend at their home in the Gentilly neighborhood of the Louisiana city, according to Severin told investigators he didn't mean to harm his girlfriend but admitted that he blacked out during the fatal attack. 

The identity of the deceased teen hasn't been revealed by authorities. 

Deputies believe that Severin and his girlfriend, who was five months pregnant, had an argument on Monday. Severin alleged that the girl threatened to have him killed if he "did not take care of their unborn child." 

Police believe that Severin cut the woman’s throat with a knife during the argument before striking her in the face with the forked end of a hammer. Following this, Severin carried her to the backyard and abandoned her there. 

 Severin claimed that he gained consciousness after his grandmother came to the house and spotted the teen's body in the backyard, police wrote in criminal court records. 

When Severin was told that his girlfriend was dead, he reportedly told the police that he "didn’t mean to kill her. I’m not a killer." Deputies recovered the knife and the hammer when they responded to the scene. The hammer had strands of hair on it, according to 

Severin was taken into custody and was charged with second-degree murder. His bail bond is set at $750,000, Latin Times reported. 

In April, a 24-year-old man, identified as David Priest, shot his pregnant wife to death and killed his 2-year-old stepson before turning the gun on himself. Deputies from the Van Buren Police Department arrived at the scene to find all three of them with gunshot wounds. The woman, identified as Paiden Priest, was in the third trimester of her pregnancy. David was alive when deputies reached the spot. He was rushed to a hospital where he later died. The couple's neighbors said they heard a loud exchange of words between them before the shooting took place. However, the reason for the argument and the motive behind the shooting remained unclear. 

hammer-682767_1920 Representation. A sledgehammer. Photo: Pixabay