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Is your anniversary with your partner nearing and you still have no clue what to get them? Truth be told, it’s just one of the many common issues facing young couples, and it is completely normal, especially when we’re so caught up in life.

To help you, we compiled some of the best yet still affordable online stores you can visit to get a gift for your significant other, whatever the occassion may be.

1. Sunshine Jewelry

Sunshine Jewelry
Sunshine Jewelry Taken from website

Sunshine Jewelry is an online jewelry store that prides itself in bringing quality pieces to its customers at more than half the price. With a tagline of “the most affordable jewelry under the sun,” Sunshine Jewelry has more than 40 years of experience in offering a broad spectrum of jewelry pieces, including accessories, anklets, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, bangles, baby jewelry, men’s jewelry and more.

The store also offers great internet specials and discounts all the time, allowing you to save up to 67% off retail prices.

2. Pictures On Gold

Pictures on Gold
Pictures on Gold Taken from website

Pictures On Gold is a New York-based online jewelry store that specializes in custom-made photo pendants, charms, gold lockets, silver lockets, and other types of personalized photo jewelry your loved one will treasure.

Tried and tested, the company offers these product keepsakes using only the finest 14k gold, white gold and Sterling silver to guarantee that it will last for more than a lifetime. Pictures On Gold does this by using patented laser technology to engrave the picture of your significant other right into their products.

The company is currently having a summer sale event and offers free U.S. shipping on orders $75 and above.

3. Hollywood Sensation

Hollywood Sensation
Hollywood Sensation Taken from website

Looking for a high-quality but inexpensive gift for your significant other that will make her feel like, well… a star? If so, then Hollywood Sensation is for you. A California-based online jewelry store that offers signature handcrafted pieces made for women, Hollywood Sensation operates as a mom-and-pop jewelry store, and understands that women like jewelry that can make them feel like a celebrity.

Hollywood Sensation offers a wide selection of handcrafted jewelry with different signature styles, be it contemporary, current indie chic, or even fun summer vibes with a boho style. Going above and beyond for its patrons, Hollywood Sensation also offers free shipping, easy returns, fantastic customer support, and fast delivery.

4. Vintage Gentlemen

Vintage Gentlemen
Vintage Gentlemen Taken from website

There’s always something to be said about the way gentlemen used to dress and present themselves. This is why a lot of us always look back fondly and appreciate the style and qualities of men from generations past. Now, the Vintage Gentlemen is bringing that look back for your man with its curated store of vintage-inspired goods.

Offering men’s grooming tools, handcrafted accessories and vintage-inspired leather goods, men who long for generations past should feel right at home in the Vintage Gentlemen’s collection.

5. GEAR'D Hardware

GEAR'D Hardware Taken from website

Is your man someone who’s always pushing the limits and going far beyond what is expected? If so, then he deserves a timepiece that can get him through anything -- GEAR’D Hardware offers you and your man just that. As a watch company, GEAR’D Hardware believes that it’s a tough and rugged world for men out there; one that needs gear that is equally as tough.

GEAR’D Hardware offers a watch collection that is strong, functional and stylish, perfect for every man’s man out there. GEAR’D Hardware also offers a lifetime warranty, free worldwide shipping and 90-day return.