Building a business is one thing, but keeping it afloat and continuously generating revenue and growth is another. Thankfully, there are many tools out there that can help increase your chances of success in the modern world, especially when it comes to reaching more potential customers, piquing their interest, and building their loyalty.

As such, here are some marketing tools you can use to help increase your sales and keep your patrons happy.

1. Skybound Digital 

skybound Skybound Photo: Photo taken from website.

At the very top of its homepage, Skybound Digital asks one important question: "still not on the first page of Google?" For any digital marketer, this question should be familiar. After all, being on the first page of the world’s biggest search engine guarantees hits, traffic, and growth. But how do you do it? By utilizing SEO, of course. And for a fee of $60 a month per keyword phrase, Skybound will do just that.

Specializing in search engine optimization, Skybound's aim is to improve your website’s rank in the search engine results, which then improves your chances of getting organic growth. Remember, great websites get business, and Skybound’s expertise will provide you with the tools you need to turn your website into a well-oiled machine ready to generate consistent leads.

2. Ultra Web Hosting

Ultra Ultra Web Hosting Photo: Photo taken from website

Nothing screams incompetency than a business website that fails to run properly. Bad interface leads to bad user experience, which then leads to one less customer for your business. With that, Ultra Web Hosting aims to make sure you avoid the same mistakes made by many before, giving you features such as faster speeds, free domain, one-click Wordpress installation, better user interface, 24/7 support, PHP caching, and a money-back guarantee. This guarantees your site will run as smooth as butter, for as low as $2.95 a month.

Additionally, Ultra also provides other tools such as SEO consultation, auditing, traffic and listing to make sure your website can reach its full potential. 

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster OptinMonster Photo: Photo taken from website.

So you’ve created your own website for your business, put in all of the hours, and now it’s starting to generate a consistent amount of traffic. Good on you, but what's next? Seeing as you’re a business, the next step should focus on monetizing that traffic, and that’s what OptinMonster can help you with.

Specializing in conversion optimization, this online toolkit service aims to instantly get you more leads, grow your mailing list, and increase the number of traffic in your website that will get turned to returning customers. Prices start at $9 up to $49, with a 100 percent 14-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

4. Semper Plugins 

Semper Semper All in One SEO Plugin Photo: Photo taken from website.

Looking for an easy and instant way to boost your site’s SEO functionality? If so, then Semper Plugins’ All in one SEO pack is just what you need. Acting as a browser plugin, installing it will automatically configure your settings to maximize the potential of your site's SEO functionality. The plugin will then do all the work for you, without any coding or whatsoever on your end.

It doesn’t stop there as well, as the plugin also features seamless integration with social media platforms, customer support, Google AMP, Schema support, and Smart sitemaps, among others. Currently, this useful tool is on sale, with prices starting at $57.

5. ClickMeter  

Clickmeter ClickMeter Photo: Photo taken from website.

When building an online business, link tracking is a necessity. As such, choosing the right link tracking software for your business can be critical, and can determine whether you make revenue, or lose a fortune. Thankfully, ClickMeter is one such service that can cater to your needs. 

Ideal for affiliates, advertisers, publishers and the like, ClickMeter helps you track where your visitors are from and where they end up. This, along with the other functions, makes sure that any click made on your site isn’t wasted.

Additional features include tracking clicks, fraud protection, full excel report, conversion tracking, branded domains, and A/B Split Test Rotator for links, among many others. Pricing starts at $29 to $349 a month.