These is nothing satisfying like drinking a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. However, if not consumed within a short amount of time, that cup can slowly go cold. Just as bad is unintentionally scalding your tongue just because the cup of joe you sipped was extremely hot.

Fortunately, with good smart mug warmers, you do not have to suffer from either problem every day. All of these have temperature control that lets you know the temperature of the cup you are holding or if that cup is ready to drink to your liking. Some of these can be brought with you on the road. Some come with coasters that make sure that your cup stays hot all day. Some even come with attachments that help should you opt to grind coffee beans for a fresh morning brew on the go.

With all these said, Amazon has some of the best smart mug warmers with temperature control that you can now purchase online. Here are eight of them:

1. Ember Smart Mug
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Keep your drink hot from the first sip up until the last drop with the Ember Smart Mug. Through the Ember app, this smart mug allows you to set your preferred temperature and notify you when it is reached, in addition to personalizing your LED color and creating preset temperatures for your favorite drinks. It can also be placed on the included charging coaster for all-day warmth. (Note: In stock August 6 for the black-colored option.)

2. Ember Smart Mug 2
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Thanks to a built-in battery, the Ember Smart Mug 2 can now maintain your desired drinking temperature for up to 90 minutes. The LED light at the base of the mug lets you know when the drink is heating up or cooling off; when it is ready to drink and when the built-in battery needs to be charged.

3. Muggo Temperature Control Mug
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The Muggo Smart Mug keeps your drink contained in any terrain, thanks to a spill-resistant rubber seal on the 360-degree ceramic halo lid. The touch-sensitive buttons allow you to heat up this smart mug to your desired temperature in less than 10 minutes. The included charging coaster helps heat up your drink while charging the battery at home or at your desk.

4. Ember Smart Travel Mug 2
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Also from Ember, the Travel Mug 2 helps set the perfect temperature for your drink anywhere you go. The "Autosleep" function allows this portable smart mug to "wake up" when hot liquid is poured and enter sleep mode when not in use. By touching the Ember logo, an LED touch display is revealed; it can be used to change temperature, as well as view battery life and temperature level.

5. Cauldryn Coffee Travel Smart Mug
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Ideal for outdoor activities or long office hours, the Cauldryn Coffee Travel Smart Mug keeps your coffee, tea or soup at your desired temperature for up to 10 hours. It lets you choose a temperature using either the Cauldryn app or the buttons next to the mug itself, and has a power saving mode that lets you conserve battery life for extended usage time.

6. Cauldryn Blend Bottle Smart Mug
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The Cauldryn Blend Bottle Smart Mug is a smart mug and a blender combined into one. It features a blender attachment that lets you grind coffee beans for a fresh brew, or blend ingredients together to make a smoothie or shake. The lighted power bars on the attached battery helps you keep track of the mug's battery life.

7. Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug
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Heat your favorite beverages while driving your way to work with the Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug. Featuring a 16-ounce capacity, this stainless steel and leak-proof self-heating smart travel mug heats your drink to temperatures between 85 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit, alerts you when the preset temperature is reached and displays the temperature via an LED indicator. It also comes with an adapter that is operable only in cars.

8. Puncia 12V Smart Travel Mug
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Available in black and white colors, Puncia's Smart Travel Mug helps ensure that your drink stays warm on the road. It is simple to use: just press the + and - buttons and your preferred temperature for your drink is set, and can hold up to 12 ounces of liquid. This smart mug also comes with a charger that can only be used while in the car.