Whatever the occasion, sending a gift to either a friend, a family member or a significant other is one way of showing that you care for them. However, with gift shops mostly closed due to the pandemic, you have limited options on what to get them. 

Fortunately, there are online stores at your service! We've compiled some of the best gifts you can buy online, be it something classic or something that's more unique. No matter the type however, we're sure these gifts would be more than appreciated. Here are some of them: 

1. The California Wine Club 

california wine club The California Wine Club. Photo: Taken from website.

As great-tasting as they are, buying wine is never an easy process, especially if you have minimal knowledge about where to get and which type to choose.

As such, enter wine clubs. More specifically, the California Wine Club. Offering a variety of wine clubs that make monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly deliveries, joining the California Wine Club is the perfect gift for a family member, a significant other, or even yourself, especially now that we’re stuck inside our homes.

And because they offer five wine clubs, you are sure to find something that will fit your taste, whether you’re a casual enthusiast or your very own connoisseur.

2. Name Stories 

name stories Name Stories. Photo: Taken from website.

Whether it’s uncommon or a common one shared by many others, your name is still tied to your identity as a person, and should be celebrated in any way. This is what Name Stories believe in, and is what they advocate for in their products.

Keeping names alive by telling their stories, Name Stories creates beautiful framed plaques containing a specific name, along with its meaning, history, and roots, tracing it through time and geography. Each piece is affordably priced at $25, and you can request a name should you wish, making them a unique and personal gift idea for someone in your life.

3. Ellisi gifts 

Elissi gifts Elissi Gifts. Photo: Taken from website.

Looking for a gift shop but want to stay inside for your own safety? Then why not give Ellisi Gifts? An online gift shop that makes personalized presents for you your friends, and other loved ones, Ellisi offers a wide variety of gift ideas, from classic plush teddy bears, snow globes, baskets, vases, to personalized mugs, keychains, photo sets and so much more.

The online gift shop also offers discounts and coupons for teachers, nurses, firefighters, police and military personnel, and is currently having a summer sale with up to 40 percent off on products to help you save more.

4. My Gift Stop 

My gift stop My Gift Stop. Photo: Taken from website.

Throughout time, watches have evolved from being a practical accessory to a lifestyle, with the industry behind it growing every year. However, finding a watch to match your personality can be tiresome. Thankfully, My Gift Stop offers a wide variety of watches for men and women that you can gift to yourself or a loved one.

And since it’s a gift shop, the store also offers other gift ideas, such as shoes, jewelry, and even writing instruments. And with the online gift shop currently having a summer sale on their watch and jewelry collections, there’s no better time to look for the perfect accessory than now.

5. Giftsnideas 

giftsnideas Giftsnideas. Photo: Taken from website.

Looking for a way to show your love but can’t quite find the words? If so, then one can never go wrong by sending over flowers, be it for a family member or your significant other. Thankfully, Giftsnideas have one for every occasion, be it for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate purposes or just because you felt like it.

Additionally, the gift shop also offers gift baskets, confectionaries like cakes and chocolates, and even Rakhis for this coming Raksha Bandhan. The gift store also offers international shipping and 24/7 support, making sure the big impression your small gesture will make gets delivered on time.

6. Gear Infusion 

Gear infusion Gear Infusion. Photo: Taken from website.

Every grease monkey out there worth their grain of salt knows the power that multitools hold. The problem however, is that while they’re handy, these multitools are often large, and therefore belong in the toolbox. Well, thanks to Gear Infusion, not anymore.

Started by a mechanical engineer named Brian Filko, Gear Infusion offers innovative tools for the everyday man, including a penny-sized bottle opener, Slap Cap bottle opener, three noise silencing carabiners, and their patent-pending titanium grade EverRatchet clip ratcheting multitool, which is just as effective and sturdy as it is stylish.

Offered at friendly prices, Gear Infusion is the future of handy tools, so don’t get left behind.

7. Rogue Industries 

rogue industries Rogue Industries. Photo: Taken from Website.

For Rogue Industries, a leather goods shop just outside of Portland, Maine, innovation can be as simple as re-designing the wallet. And that’s exactly what they did, resulting in the most comfortable front pocket wallet ever made. Since then, the small family-owned shop has started offering a full line of leather accessories, including briefcases, Dopp kits, waxed canvas totes and even cotton face masks.

The quality and craftsmanship has remained consistent all throughout as well. This is because Rogue Industries only uses the most responsibly sourced leathers and backs every product with a two-year guarantee, all while offering them at reasonable and friendly prices.

8. Planner Pad 

planner pad Planner pad. Photo: Taken from website.

Are you someone that thrives on making plans and schedules but find that most planners today are lacking? If so, then the Planner Pad should be right up your alley. This is because as opposed to normal calendars or planners, the Planner Pad features a 3-tier design funnel that lets your categorize and prioritize the items on your checklist. This makes everything more manageable, letting you focus on accomplishing things instead.

And to prove that it works, the company offers a six-month time period where you can use the planner and gauge whether it’s effective or not. Satisfied? Welcome to a more organized life. Unhappy with it? Get a full refund. Prices start at $28 for spiral loops and $39 for the loose-leaf variant.