When it comes to running a business, you know that your employees are everything. They are the literal lifeblood of the company -- helping manage it, analyzing and improving current practices and they also take care of day-to-day tasks. Because your employees serve as such an integral component to your success, it’s important to honor them in a way that helps them feel more appreciated and valued in your workplace.

Personalized items and knick-knacks are the perfect gifts for recognizing hard work and accomplishments and can even encourage a more engaging environment in the workplace. In fact, according to Slack, "Whether it’s swag like Bluetooth speakers to promote a continuing-education video or a pre-Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, small gestures like these can massively boost your workforce's morale and outlook." Small gifts such as these let you show to your employees that "We’re thinking of you" and "We appreciate your value.” Swag.com lets you pick out quality gifts and send them either to one location or to thousands at once!

Office Swag

Even though most of the workforce has been working from home for the past few months, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't give them some fun office accessories. We trust that your employees will appreciate these small tokens of your appreciation.

1. Petite Bliss Plant

bliss-plant Add an eco boost to your oneline events. Photo: Swag.com

Satisfy your employees' green thumb with this cute succulent. The Petite Bliss Plant includes one 4'' Echeveria succulent. You can customize the beautifully crafted cylinder gift box with a custom design that lets you put a personal touch on your already awesome gift. This is absolutely perfect for gardening businesses.

2. Trebbiano Journal

trebbiano-journal Perfect if you want someplace to quickly jot down your thoughts. Photo: Swag.om

This chic, softcover diamond-textured genuine leather journal has it all! Always good to go with this perfect-bound notebook that has refillable 6 x 9 ivory pages and an understated maroon cover. It's got an inside slot for your business cards, an adjustable genuine leather pen loop, perfect for any employee!

3. Charging Desk Organizer

desk-organizer Add a bit of tech into your organization. Photo: Swag.com

Put all your daily necessities in one location, making your desk clutter-free while wirelessly charging your devices. It is compatible with all Qi-standard wirelessly-charged phones. Each organizer can be magnetically attached, which allows for maximum flexibility and it'll stay in place because of its anti-slip rubber feet. The LED indicator also illuminates when your device is being charged or a metal object has been detected. 

Tech Swag

Who doesn't want some cool tech swag? Nobody! That's because tech is cool! And you can express how cool you think your employees are by giving them one of these hi-tech gifts.

4. Custom Tile Mate

tile Never lose your valuables again. Photo: Swag.com

Now with a longer 200 ft range, this Mate Tile easily attaches to keys, purses or anything else you need to keep track of regularly. Use your smartphone to make your Tile ring when you misplace your things within Bluetooth range. You can finally relax knowing that you can find your most valuable items. You'll also be happy to know that the replaceable battery these run on lasts for a year with no upkeep, and then easily replace it yourself. If you or another Tile user gets within range of your lost Tile tag you will be notified of its location.

5. UV Sanitizing Stick

portable-uv-stick With this UV stick, you can stay up to code on your hygiene. Photo: Swag.com

You can never be too clean (especially in these turbulent times). And now, you can keep all your devices and surfaces clean with this highly portable UV Stick. It uses ultraviolet light to kill up to 99.9% of germs on hard surfaces. Featuring 2 countdown time settings, rechargeable via type-c cable, and offers a large imprint area for your brand.

6. PowerCore Charger

power-charger Keep all your devices at 100%. Photo: Swag.com

Whether in the wall or on-the-go, Anker's exclusive 2-in-1 PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies ensure that all devices receive their fastest possible charge. This quick charger houses a hybrid high-capacity portable battery and dual-port wall charger in one sleek package. While you might say that you don't need a printed design on your charger, it's surprisingly thoughtful since your charger is something that you constantly see and use. 

Apparel Swag

Yes, we know. Apparel is boring. It's just another cheap, ill-fitting t-shirt with an ugly print that cracks and starts to flake off after a few washes. Well, worry not! We're here to give you some gifts that your employees will actually want and will be proud to wear. 

7. Swag.com Triblend Crew

swag-tee Let your style show. Photo: Swag.com

Being one of Swag.com's best sellers, This stylish t-shirt is made from a blend of durable polyester, combed ring-spun cotton, and silky rayon that makes for a soft, comfortable, and long-lasting tee. Further pimp out your order with an option to add a front, back and a left-side design!

8. Ray-ban Wayfarer Classic

raybans These classic shades will bring a timeless splash to you look. Photo: Swag.com

Go back to where it all began with Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic sunglasses. Using the same iconic shape as the classic Wayfarer, these sunglasses offer an updated version that includes a smaller frame and a slightly softer eye shape. Nothing says class like these stylish sunnies.

9. Allbirds Men's Wool Runners

allbirds-sneakers Step into absolute comfort. Photo: Swag.com

Are you ready to set foot (pun intended) into the most comfortable shoes you've ever set foot in? These Allbirds Wool Runners are thoughtfully crafted shoes that are light and breezy, offering cooling comfort and is ideal for every escapade, or if you just want to dress up at home! They're constructed from a wool upper, recycled laces and lightweight, padded insoles.

While the holiday season always promises to feel busy (and sometimes hectic or overwhelming!), there’s no denying the joy and excitement that comes from giving the perfect gift to your employees. Why not consider taking the opportunity to share the joy and excitement with your beloved employees? It'll be sure to make them feel like they're appreciated and valued!