A UFO researcher claims to have found a photo of an “alien base” located in the planet closest to the Earth’s sun, Mercury.

In an entry on the ET Database, prominent conspiracy theorist and self-titled "astrobiologist" Scott Waring claimed that there are “cool looking builidings on planet Mercury” that serve as proof that “ancient aliens exit there (sic).” The “buildings” can be seen in a publicly available photo accessible via NASA’s website.

Scientists have suggested there are places on Mercury that are dark enough, and thus cold enough, to sustain water ice. NASA/JPL

New claims

Waring expounded on his claims in a video he uploaded to Youtube. In the video, he said that these structures are intelligently made. Some of them are housed in double-walled “craters” that can provide some sort of insulation. These rounded “crater walls,” he said, appeared to have been engineered.

Some of structures Waring pointed to are colored blue, but one purple colored building is “amazing,” he said. Waring claims that there are a lot of structures scattered across the photo, most of them visible only when the photo’s contrast and brightness levels are tweaked.

The buildings, he said, feature “amazing” designs and geometry that is “exactly what humans might build if living off world.” One such “building” that Waring focused on appeared to have straight walls and right angled corners. Such a “structure,” he said, would allow people to mount things on the wall like photographs and other things.

He also saw something that, to him, looked like a huge blue structure. He didn’t give any explanation or speculation as to what it was. He simply showed it to people. In another area labeled “ATGET,” Waring claimed that there’s a castle-like structure that has some sort of rainbow design on one side.

In another area, Waring claimed to have found an interesting rectangular “structure” that looked “cool” to him. Near that “structure” is a “tower” that was very difficult to see or recognize even after he adjusted brightness and contrast levels.

Waring said it would be “easier” for humans wanting to live off Earth to live on Mercury if they can find a way to contact these “aliens” and see if they can just “move in” with them instead of establishing “an entire civilisation on a foreign planet.”


Waring’s claims might sound outlandish to some, but these aren’t the only outlandish claims the self-titled UFO expert has made. He made many claims recently, including finding a “pie pan-shaped alien base” on Mars, a “city of aliens” on the moon, a lot of “alien structures” on planet Ceres, and a “crystal blue UFO off the Mexico coast that could also be Atlantis.”