Moms require more training and education in handling a humidifier in a child's room during cold and flu, says a survey conducted by the Vicks Humidifiers.

The central topic of the survey was how moms fought and treated cold. The different medication they adopted and the different mood swings they experienced were also exposed.

Moms reported tea, orange juice, chicken soup, plenty of water and humidifiers as commonly relied natural remedies to treat the cold.

Kids' health worried the moms most. They prepared their little ones for the cold and flu season by giving proper hand washing instructions.

The next issue was how these moms cared themselves when they fall sick.  They either wanted to keep themselves busy or wanted to relax their mind and body by reading a good book or watching a classic movie.

Love Actually, Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller's Day Off topped their favorite movie list.

When their spouses fell ill, about half of the moms preferred to avoid hugging and kissing altogether and a small group reported to sleep on the sofa.

The survey revealed the moms' wrong ideas and beliefs connected with the common cold and flu.  They had the misconception that a sick person loses the most body heat from his head. But face being more sensitive to temperature than other body parts gives the feeling.

Regarding rest and exercise, 72 percent thought not to exercise and to take rest. On the contrary, small exercises can sometimes help feel better. Another wrong action was to feed a cold and starve a fever. The right way to treat an illness is to eat well and stay hydrated irrespective of the symptoms.

Some believed going out in wet hair caused cold and fever though exposure to viruses cause the infection.

The online survey conducted by Linderberg International and supported by Vicks Humidifiers based the findings on responses from a random sampling of approximately 501 women with kids at home across the United States.