The Americas
China's 'zero-Covid' strategy has largely kept infections in check, but new cases were bubbling up in Xi'an

This Country Reports First Death From 'Flurona'

As health experts have been anxious about the possibility of a “twindemic” since the beginning of the pandemic, an unvaccinated pregnant woman in Israel tested positive for both the flu and...

Moose Bursts Through Window Of Canadian Classroom

Moose on the loose? Students in Saskatoon, Canada received a surprise classroom visit on Thursday when a moose burst through the window of their classroom. None of the children were seriously hurt...
Tech Giants like Google have been accused of too readily using non-disclosure agreements when staffers complain about troubling corporate behavior

Google To Lower Service Fees

Google announced it would lower service fees for developers from 30% to 15%, in line with what Apple is already doing. However, this move is unlikely to satiate developers or government officials...
Chappelle was paid $24 million for the special, which illustrates his popularity among Netflix subscribers

Netflix Continues To Stand By Chappelle

Two memos released by CEO Ted Sarandos and their recent treatment of employees clarify Netflix's stance on whether they will take down Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special, "The Closer."

Top 10% Holds 89% Of Stocks

The wealthiest 10% of U.S. citizens now own 89% of all U.S. stocks according to Federal Reserve data, driving inequality.
Amazon has pledged $6.5 billion in investment in India

Did Amazon, Jeff Bezos Lie To Congress?

Recent reporting by WSJ, Reuters, and others over the past few years leads members of Congress to believe that Amazon higher-ups either misled or lied to Congress with their testimony.