Anthony Weiner admitted that the lewd photo was of him and that he sent it on Twitter.  However, he meant to send the photo to someone else, not the 21-year-old female college student in Seattle.

Weiner said he wouldn’t resign.

Before Weiner finally spoke about 30 minutes after he was first scheduled to, his press conference was hijacked by Andrew Breitbart, a conservative blogger credited with breaking the ‘Weinergate’ story.

The scandal first erupted when Weiner sent a lewd photo of a man’s scantily clad lower torso via Twitter to a.  Weiner first claimed he was hacked.  Then he refused to answer any questions about it.  After that, he denied he sent the photo but wouldn’t deny the photo wasn’t of him.

Today, more naked photos, allegedly of Weiner, were released by website  The photos were allegedly sent to a young woman on May 20 via a Yahoo! email of Weiner.  Hours after the new photos were released, the Representative called the 4 p.m. press conference. 

Weiner’s scandal follows that of NY Representative Chris Lee, who resigned after it was revealed that he responded to a woman’s personal ad on Craig’s list with a shirtless photo of himself.