Sick of the lovey-dovey romance suggestions Netflix gives you this time of year? We’ve counter-programed some of the best “love is dead” horror movies lurking in the genre section to help you combat the Valentine’s Day blues. So, make yourself a favorite treat, close the blinds, and draw the blankets close for your anti-Valentine’s Day movie marathon.

1. “You’re Next” – This gruesome home invasion thriller, directed by Adam Wingard (“V/H/S”), plays with conventional horror tropes against its audience’s expectation. Erin (Sharni Vinson) accompanies her professor boyfriend Crispian (AJ Bowen) to his parent’s anniversary party at their remote vacation home in the mountains. During dinner, the large rich family comes under attack from animal-masked strangers, and it’s up to the survivalist Erin to save them. Murdering a family at a dinner party is pretty cold blooded, and that’s why it’s on the top of our list. Plus, it’s really well-written and edited for great suspenseful affect. Fellow indie actors and directors Joe Swanberg, Amy Seimetz and Ti West make appearances as other members of the doomed clan.

2. “Honeymoon” – This indie sleeper from first-time filmmaker Leigh Janiak was one of the best horror films released last year. A couple (a too cute, it hurts Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway) decide to spend their honeymoon in a cabin in the woods for a tap into nostalgic childhood memories. But things have changed, and when one member of the inseparable pair becomes possessed, it brings a gruesome showdown into the wedding bed. This minimalist tale references icky Cronenberg-like body horror and begs the question, do you ever really know who you’re married to?

3. “Rosemary’s Baby” – This timeless Roman Polanski film stars Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes as a newlywed couple moving into an ill-reputed Manhattan apartment. Although the neighbors are nice, Rosemary senses something amiss with her new pregnancy. She’ll never expect what they’re expecting from her. Ruth Gordon stands out as one of the creepiest, nosiest neighbors committed to the screen. Not many other gestures like sacrificing your wife to be impregnated by Satan really cement the “love is dead” theme as it does in “Rosemary’s Baby.”

4. “Evil Dead 2” – Director Sam Raimi took his cult classic “Evil Dead” and remade the entire movie into a horror comedy starring Bruce Campbell. If you don’t remember, Campbell’s character Ash originally ends up in the same cabin in the woods as the cursed Book of the Dead to spend time with his girlfriend, who is of course, is the first to be killed in both iterations. “Evil Dead 2” has probably one of the most unforgettable zombie ballet numbers in all of horror cinema.

5. “[REC]3: Genesis” – Not the best entry into the Spanish horror powerhouse series, but there’s a chainsaw-wielding bride to remind you that love is dead. All is well and romantic at Clara and Koldo’s (Leticia Dolera and Diego Martín) big wedding until guests fall ill and turn into zombies. Don't you hate when that happens? Director Paco Plaza add a healthy dose of lighting his third "[REC]" film, and it looks starkly different from his earlier incarnations. It’s an interesting case to revisit alongside the 2007 original.

Bonus: “The Human Centipede” – Because why stop having faith in love when you can lose your faith in humanity?

Have a favorite anti-Valentine's Day movie we missed? Sound off below in the comments.