Contrary to previous reports, a supply chain analyst has claimed that Apple is unlikely to release a next-gen iPhone with curved display. Instead, the Cupertino giant could still be sticking with flat screens for its new iPhones, especially for the rumored 10th anniversary iPhone or the iPhone 8.

On Friday, MacRumors exclusively spoke with smartphone supply chain researcher and analyst Wayne Lam of IHS Markit about Apple’s upcoming iPhones for 2017. Based on Lam’s statement, there wouldn’t be a new iPhone with curved display as claimed by earlier reports. “We anticipate Apple will adopt a flat implementation of OLED design on their special iPhone model, which is analogous to the current 2.5D glass design,” he said.

Previously, rumors were running amok saying Apple is preparing a special iPhone with a curved 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display. This special model is said to be the tech giant’s handset to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its famous smartphone series. What Lam is saying obviously contradicts the assumption that the iPhone 8 would come with curved display just like what Samsung is doing with its flagship Galaxy phones.

Lam instead said that consumers can expect a device that’s much like LG’s G6 flagship phone. ”Much like the recently announced LG G6, we anticipate a touchscreen with a new longer aspect ratio design to take advantage of higher coverage area of the iPhone in its entirety. This new design language is expected to become the trend for 2017, as we all anticipate Samsung's reveal later this month,” Lam explained.

It can be noted that when LG unveiled its G5 successor, it stated that curved displays give an uncomfortable grip and build up more tension in the muscles of the hands, as first reported by Tech Times. Perhaps, Apple is also seeing these as the disadvantages of using a curved panel for its 10th anniversary iPhone. Nevertheless, if the Cupertino giant is indeed taking cues from LG, then fans would be happy to see a major redesign in the iPhone series. After all, the G6 comes with a striking appearance thanks to its unique screen-to-body ratio.

Lam said that having a large screen on a small body will be very beneficial to Apple. The company could expand certain features and functions of its iPhone due to the longer aspect ratio. On a final note, the analyst shared that it’s very likely for the next-generation iPhones to have Touch ID or the fingerprint scanner embedded into their display panels.