Past rumors suggested that the next-generation Apple Watch will be introduced at the company's "Let Us Loop You In" event held in March. The event launched the compact iPhone SE and iPad Pro, but there was no news about the smartwatch.

Macrumors, citing multiple sources, says Apple Watch 2 will debut sometime in September, similar to its predecessor. Other reports, meanwhile, suggest that the device will be unveiled in June.

Whichever be the case, the upcoming gadget will be substantially thinner than its predecessor. To be specific, the Watch 2 will be 20 to 40 percent thinner than the original device.

Other reported Apple Watch 2 features include a FaceTime video camera, advanced Wi-Fi capabilities and new band choices. To top it off, Apple is reportedly working on improving the battery unit as well.

Phone Arena, citing past rumors, says the second-generation Apple Watch might work as a stand-alone gadget without the need to pair with a compatible iPhone. If this feature is present, Apple Watch 2 users will be able to make phone calls from the wrist.

On a related note, Apple Insider — citing a new market research conducted by the customer acquisition firm Fluent — says 60 percent of the current Apple Watch users are ready to purchase the next-generation device, irrespective of what value-addition the device offers.

Survey takers reportedly said Apple’s wearable device is very convenient and it has a lot of helpful features. Forty percent respondents would like to wait for the device to debut to ascertain the value of the product based on the new features.

The research also pointed out that many potential buyers did not purchase the first-generation watch because of the steep price. Before the arrival of the next-generation device, the original Apple Watch has been discounted by $50 and now, the standard edition sells for $299.

The tech giant has not confirmed any details about the Apple Watch 2 so far.