The Apple Watch may be the most sought-after smartwatch in the market today, but everyone knows that it comes with a price — starting at $400 to be exact.

Despite the steep price, however, the Cupertino giant was able to capture about 51 percent of the total global sales of smartwatches in 2018. And now that the Apple Watch Series 4 is going on sale with offers of about $70 discount, we’re pretty sure sales of the latest model will only get better.

With the current price in mind, it seems there’s also nowhere else to go but up for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5. This is because the Apple Watch 5 is expected to surpass the Series 4’s performance particularly when it comes to health functions.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is rumored to not only have the current ECG functions but also other life-changing health features. The rumored list includes a sleep tracking function for people who need help resting, a way to measure blood sugar levels and even a “smell detecting” feature that could help users detect poisonous gases in the atmosphere.

With all these complex capabilities, one thing is certain — the new watch needs a much more improved battery life to support the health features. What could this mean for the price of the next Apple Watch then? Definitely a gadget with a higher price tag.

Apart from the power source, the supposed health functions could also mean the need for wrist cuffs with sensors. This is needed especially for rumored functions like blood pressure monitoring.

Considering the expected functions and add-ons, reports are already speculating that the Apple Watch Series 5 will be pricier than the previous model. Not only that, some analysts are expecting that the new smartwatch from Cupertino will tag its cellular model at $100 more than the base variant.

However, some reports say that perhaps it is now time for a more affordable Apple Watch to be available in the market and the Series 5 is a good time for this. According to CNET, smartwatches geared for health that are offered by other brands go for $200 or even less, so if Apple aims to compete in this side of the market then an affordable variant would be favorable in the long run.

Knowing Apple’s track record of increasing the prices of gadgets every generation, however, we might expect something like this from the company on an altogether different gadget.