Azealia Banks is back on social media, but the controversial rapper was not happy with what she found plaguing her Facebook posts lately. The “212” hitmaker has inferred that someone is using “bots” to spam her page with unnecessary comments.

On Sunday, Banks took to Facebook to express in a post — which she deleted as of press time — how infuriated she was over “third world freaks” who keep on spamming her page with comments rife with “broken English.” She also grabbed the chance to clap back at a white Brazilian who insulted her with a racist slur by asking if that someone cared to check his or her economy first.

In a follow-up post, Banks stated how she thinks someone could be using bots to spam her Facebook page. She then asked that someone to at least get bots that could leave comments with “clear English.”

Despite her obvious disdain over this matter, Banks couldn’t help but laugh when her fans tried to make sense of what is really going on. One fan wrote: “Maybe these people are trying to learn English through your music and posts on Facebook. Have you considered that?” Another chimed in: “All these people hating on you got nothing better to do.”

Since Banks aired out her frustrations over the spam comments, many of her haters started and joined the discussion to point out what they think is wrong with the outspoken rapper. Triggered, Banks posted a lengthy rant about why she now wants to have her own social media site. According to her, there are just “too many dummies” that get in-between her and her real followers. She said, “I tried moving from Twitter to Insta to Facebook to try and get away from the pests, but they just follow me EVERYWHERE I GO LOL.”

In spite of her effort to shut down her detractors, Banks’ bashers continued with their name-calling and even went as far as comparing her with her enemies, Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj. However, she just went on to point out to her haters how she’s the “queen of the Internet” for making international news from the comfort of her toilet seat. She also wrote in another post that she’s “very pleased with [herself].”