“The Bachelorette” goes to France! Andi Dorfman and her 11 remaining bachelors packed their bags and headed off to Marseille, France for episode 5. And in usual “Bachelorette” fashion, the drama followed.

The guys are head over heels for Andi, and the Atlanta beaity feels the same … admitting to host Chris Harrison that she’s in love with more than one guy.

First One-On-One Date

Josh landed the coveted first one-on-one date of the episode. The 29-year-old former professional baseball player was pumped about getting some alone time with Andi, but for the bachelorette this date is a little more serious -- she wants to see if her relationship with Josh is more than just a physical connection.

So, is Josh serious about starting something with Andi? The contestant compared his date to a “huge playoff game.” The pair enjoyed a romantic afternoon on the water where Josh admitted that he’s over the professional athlete lifestyle. Why, you may ask? Because he wants to start a family and doesn’t think it’s worth it to play again.

That’s exactly what Andi wanted to hear, and the pair exchanged some steamy kissed before heading off to a candlelight dinner. But Josh sensed that Andi was still a little nervous about Josh living the athlete life. In order to get her to trust him, he opened up about his past relationships, telling her that the next person he says “I love you” to he wants to be his future wife. That’s something that Andi can appreciate, and when Josh tells her that he feels that way about her she decides to hand over the rose.

With more confidence on both ends about their relationship, the pair concluded the evening with a private concert by Ben Fields.

Group Date

Marcus, Chris, Cody, J.J., Marquel, Nick, Patrick, Andrew and Dylan landed the group date in episode 5 – miming! But not everyone is excited about it. Nick makes it clear that he doesn’t want to share Andi with the other guys … and the bachelorette notices.

However not all the guys are “salty” about the group date. Marquel and a few of the other contestants interact with the crowd, really impressing Andi with their willingness to adapt to any activity.

The miming requires the guys to keep quiet, but they make up for it during the cocktail party later that night. While J.J. pulled Andi away for some alone time on a Ferris wheel, Cody decided to confront Nick about a statement he made mocking him. And Cody’s not the only one that has a problem with Nick. Patrick uses the time to call him arrogant and smug – and while Nick denied it he proceeded to tell the guys that he’s “probably the front runner.”

Andi found out about the problems with Nick and feared that he was being a little manipulative with her. However when she got some alone time with him her doubts about him disappeared.

Nick wasn’t the only one forced to fend off an attack from his fellow contestants during episode 5. Marquel found out from J.J. that Andrew supposedly called him a “blackie” – and it was something he couldn’t let go. While Andi was off with Marcus, Marquel decided to confront Andrew in front of the other guys. But Andrew denied any wrong doing, calling the accusation “absurd” and “complete bull****.” Whether or not Andrew really said those words, he told his side of the story to Andi – and warned her that the attacks on him are affecting his relationship with her.

With the drama aside for the time being, Andi decided that she did want to hand out a group date rose – and the special guy to receive it was J.J. The “Pantsapreneur” was ecstatic … but Nick called the moment one of the biggest low points in his journey with Andi.

Second One-On-One Date

Brian landed the second one-on-one date of the episode – but did he have the “recipe for love” with Andi? The answer is: meh.

The pair hit up a private advanced screening for the movie “The Hundred Foot Journey,” a story about love and food. To stick with the theme of the movie, Andi took Brian food shopping to make a delicious meal of their own. But while the pair shared sparks on the basketball court, things did not heat up in the kitchen. Brian was out of his comfort zone in the kitchen, and Andi feared that maybe their relationship wouldn’t be a passionate affair.

Besides Brian’s standoffish attitude, their dinner didn’t go well. Just like the date, their frog leg meal had no flavor. In attempt to turn things around, Andi and Brian decided to go out to eat – and Brian immediately flipped the switch on his attitude. Seeing the old Brian that she felt a connection with, Andi decided to give him another chance and gifted him the date rose.

The Rose Ceremony

After the drama that unfolded in episode 5, Andi decided that she didn’t want to have a cocktail party before the rose ceremony. Sure about what guys she wanted to stay and what relationships are at a standstill, Andi warned Chris Harrison that she wanted to cut to the chase and eliminate three guys.

With Josh, J.J. and Brian safe, the first rose was awarded to Marcus. The other roses were gifted to Nick, Chris and Dylan, with the final rose going to Cody. Andrew, Patrick and Marquel were eliminated in episode 5 of “The Bachelorette.”

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