Through the years, apple pies have become a staple dessert for just about any American holiday. It's delicious as it is quick and easy to bake. It's always a good time with a slice or two around, and with Thanksgiving dinner just around the corner, a dessert as practical as this should save you a lot of trouble and time. However, a certain amount of preparation for the ingredients is vital so you can serve it fresh come Thanksgiving.

So we went ahead and listed all the ingredients that you'll need, along with the best Amazon Fresh links to make sure they're delivered right away to your doorstep.


Fresh Brand – Organic Gala Apples, 2 lb
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When it comes to making a classic apple pie, old apples just won't do. You're gonna need apples with a crisp bite, and these fresh selections from Gala fit that description perfectly. Make sure you rinse them first! 

Realemon 100% Lemon Juice, 15 oz
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Made from 100% lemons and preservative-free, just a tablespoon of this will help stop your apples from both browning and oxidizing before they even find their way into the oven. Oh, and since it's lemon juice, it will also help add a dash of tartness, which is perfect if you want to tone down the sweeter apples you're using. 

Cup4Cup Gluten Free Flour, Multipurpose Flour
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Flour is instrumental in making sure that the filling of the dessert will bind. It's also quite crucial in producing the thick, syrupy texture that we're all familiar with, especially after simmering the strained juice on the stovetop. 

365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Sugar, Light Brown, 24 Ounce
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While any old sugar will do, using brown sugar will give you a pie that is moister, has a deeper caramel flavor, and has a richer color. Perfect! 

365 Everyday Value, Cage-Free Non-GMO Large Brown Grade A Eggs, 12 ct
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In order to make an egg wash, which can then give your pie a more glossy finish, not to mention up its overall appearance and presentation. 

Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Unsalted Butter Sticks, 16 oz. (4 Four Oz. Sticks)
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 If you're going for unsalted butter, have salt in hand. If not, you may use regular butter. 

McCormick Ground Cinnamon, 1 oz
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While you can technically make an apple pie without cinnamon, why would you? There are few things in this world that go together as well as apple pie and cinnamon, and you'll absolutely thank yourself later when you do. 

Preparing the crust 

1. Make the dough - Mix your salt, flour, and sugar together and mix them well. Afterward, slowly add some butter and mix them some more until the pieces (of butter) are pea-sized. Add exactly 6 tbsp of ice water (without ice cubes) and mix some more. Pinch the dough with your finger and if it doesn't stick together when you do that, add another tbsp of ice water and mix until the dough holds together. 

2. Knead the dough - Transfer the dough into a clean workspace (like the kitchen counter) and use your hands to form it into a ball. Make sure you don't over-knead it. Afterward, cut the ball into 2 pieces and shape each of them into a disc. You should still be able to see pieces of butter in the dough. Wrap each of them in a plastic wrap and refrigerate anywhere between 30 minutes up to 2 days. 

Making the apple pie 

1. Preparing the filling - Start by rinsing, peeling, and then slicing your apples as thinly as possible, as this ensures it get tender in the oven. Do this until you can fill about 5 cups with thinly sliced apples. Add 3 tbsp of the brown sugar, 3 tbsp of your multi-purpose flour, 1-2 tbsp of cinnamon, 1/4 salt (if using unsalted butter), 2 tbsp of butter (unsalted or not), and then 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Toss them together in order to mix well. 

2. Crafting your crust - Next, remove your home-made crust from the fridge and then let it rest for up to 10 minutes in order to make it easier to knead. While waiting, put some flour on your rolling pin in order to prevent the dough from sticking, and then start getting to work. Roll smoothly and slowly, and make sure that each disc is about 1/8 of an inch thick. Then place one of them gently into the pie plate. Remove any excess dough and crimp the edges as needed. 

3. Assembling your pie - Add the filling to your bottom crust before draping the other crust disc on top and cutting some vents with a knife. If you want to get a little fancy, you can also weave a lattice crust by cutting the top crust into long strips and placing them on top of each other. From there, take an egg white, mix it with 1 tbsp of water, and then brush it on the top crust to give it a more golden appearance. For now, make sure you crimp and seal the edges of both crusts.

4. Baking the pie - From there, bake the pie at 375 F degrees for about an hour or until you see that the pie crust is golden. If the outer crust becomes too brown, simply cover it with some aluminum foil and then bake it some more. Serve afterward. For leftovers, baked apple pies can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days if covered in a plastic wrap.