After first entering beta testing in June, Apple revealed that iOS 14, the latest operating system for the iPhone, will finally be available on Wednesday alongside upgrades for all the company’s operating systems. As outlined in its Time Flies event on Tuesday, iOS 14, as expected, is set to bring some noticeable new features and upgrades to its flagship smartphones.

The most visible change made in iOS 14 will be its new screen and app library. On the home screen, iPhone’s will now be able to display “widgets,” which take up four squares of screen space and offer various info at a glance. Some of the widgets on offer will include ones that show local weather, track certain stocks, or even monitor screen time.

The “App Library” is located by swiping all the way to the right of the home screen. It will automatically organize a device’s apps into a number of different categories for focused browsing.

The incoming call notification is getting trimmed down for iOS 14. No longer does an incoming call or FaceTime request have to completely yank a user out of whatever they are doing, as the new notification will show as a tab at the top of the iPhone screen. Users can also choose a “picture-in-picture” mode, allowing them to take accept FaceTime while continuing to use a different app with no interruption.

App Clips are a new feature that will allow small portions of apps with specific functions to pop-up when they might be needed by the user. In the official iOS 14 press release, Apple included example photos showing the Panera Bread app appearing to help a customer make a mobile order while they considered lunch options in Apple Maps, and parking payment and scooter apps appearing when a user is near them.

Apple Maps will be adding options that better enable users to make eco-friendly travel decisions. Firstly, users can select a route with bike paths in mind and get information about any given paths elevation and traffic levels. Secondly, Maps will also be able to give directions tailored for electric vehicles, with stops at charging stations being added based on when the device detects that the car is low on energy.

Apple is expected to showcase products or services other than iPhones being launched for the year-end shopping season Apple is expected to showcase products or services other than iPhones being launched for the year-end shopping season. Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson