With the publishing industry experiencing major changes, it's clear that story lovers want access to new reading material in a matter that is swift and of little cost. This is particularly true for romance and erotica lovers who want to enjoy steamy literature from the comfort of their own electronic device.  What's more, writers of the titillating genre are often eager to share their work and receive feedback as well as meet creative partners.

The web is filled with countless fan fiction sites that provide a helpful outlet for new/aspiring authors. Some also find writing for these sites to be a fulfilling hobby. Here are three top places to read and write smoldering fan fiction!


Contests and a raunchy index are just some of the fun features on this site! The stories are original, smoldering, and adventurous. You're not likely to find a better source for free erotic literature.   


Here you'll find forums that contain fan fiction for shows, films, plays, games, and even cartoons. There's also crossover fan fiction (which combines elements and characters from a variety of different works and genres). The site has communities available that are devoted to specific topics and allow site users to explore their creativity and imagination.


Geared expressly towards writers, the user friendly site is on par with a facebook/fantasy mash-up. Writers can put their work up a receive feedback from their peers. There's also a helpful list of literary agents and a cutesy 911 For Writers Block.  E-book lovers can also purchase directly from the site.