The first season of the ABC comedy series "Black-ish" will reach its finale Wednesday night. Episode 24, with guest star Mary J. Blige, is titled “Pops,’ Pops,’ Pops.” "Pops" refers to Laurence Fishburne’s character, the Johnson family patriarch. In this episode, he takes center stage as he tells the Johnson kids about their heritage and family history. [Warning: Spoiler Alert]

“Pops,’ Pops,’ Pops” refers to the Johnson kids’ great-great grandfather, Drex Johnson. He comes into the spotlight when Jack and Diane, the Johnsons' 6-year-old twins, try to dig up information about their family heritage for a school assignment. When they are unable to turn up any information, their grandfather Pops, played by Fishburne, comes to the rescue. Pops sits the kids down and goes into the story of Drex Johnson.

The episode goes into flashbacks from the 1920s. According to an episode synopsis shared by ABC, Pops says that Drex Johnson “bet the future of the Johnson family against a ruthless gangster.” This all took place during the Harlem Renaissance. Members of the cast are seen in still photos wearing period costumes from the 1920s. Award-winning singer Blige is also seen in the stills.

It is unclear whether Pops’ story of the Johnson family history is real but it promises to be an entertaining flashback episode.

A look into the Johnson family history is a fitting end for the first season of “Black-ish.” The series deals with the daily nuances of modern day life for a middle-class suburban black family in the United States. Andre and Rainbow Johnson struggle to maintain a balance between keeping their kids rooted to their heritage while at the same time allowing them to fight for equality and assimilate smoothly with the rest of the community.

Both Andre and Rainbow Johnson have come a long way from their ancestors. Andre is now a top executive in an advertising firm while Rainbow is a medical doctor. Their children Zoey, Andre Junior and the twins Diane and Jack are living in an entirely different world than their parents grew up in. The comedy series tackles the small situations that come up on their journey to find their place in modern day society.

“Black-ish” airs its final episode of the season at 9:30 p.m. EDT Wednesday.

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