UK's capital, London, has recently attracted the ultra rich and wealthy of Asia and Europe, who are buying immensely priced and sized properties in the city and in nearby districts.

What could have captivated these wealthy patrons? Perhaps, they were keen to discover the secrets to London's business districts, be enamoured by the deep beauty of the English countryside or simply be lost in the great halls of learning in the bosom of Oxford and St. Andrews.

They, too believed, the artisan or auteur friendliness of the people and place has the drawing power.

England is not just confined in the city walls of London, as there is still more to see beyond the melting pot of luxury and royalty.

Britain is made up of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales together with the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

They are all unique countries that have distinct traditions to discover upon your visit.The culture is as vast and diverse as the natural landscapes and moors comprising the land. 

Whether you are after the the wealth of historical and natural heritage from the eclectic country tours to the grandeur modern city lifestyles, there is everything for everyone while in the UK.

If you have the propensity of time and money, here are some of the key places to visit in the UK.

1. Buckingham Palace in London

2. Stonehenge in Wiltshire county, England

3. The Heritage Cities: Bath, Canterbury, Chester, Durham, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and York

4. The first National Park of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs in Scotland

5. The Peak District in England

6. The New Forest National Park in Hampshire, England

Whether you are on a search for a new adventure, a trace back of history, or a breath of freshly blooming flower beds, there is a place in UK that you can visit all throughout the year.