Family and friends are giving the loss of Carnel Chamberlain, the 4-year-old boy who was found dead after missing for a week. His family said that investigators found his body under the porch of his home.

Dennis Kequom, chief of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe where the 4-year-old lived, spoke to hundreds of supporters and well-wishers at the reservation in Isabella County to tell people about the situation, reported the Associated Press.

He told his tribe that Carnel didn't have time to grow up and enjoy life.

He'll always be with us in our hearts, he said, reported the Associated Press.

State and Tribal police working in conjunction with the FBI converged on the Chamberlain residence at7340 East Tomah Road around 5 p.m. on Thursday, where the boy shared the home with his mother Jaime Chamberlain

Anthony Michael Bennett, 20, who was boyfriend at the time of her son's disappearance, was also living at the home.  Since the boy disappeared on June 20, police considered him a person of interested. Shortly after finding the body of Carnel, police arrested him, reported WHTC.

He was reportedly uncooperative with law enforcement officials and refused to answer many questions. Bennett refused to take a polygraph test, Native News Network reported. Jaime reportedly passed her polygraph test.

On Friday morning, a tribal police was stationed outside the family's one-story home, the AP reported. Crime scene units had been collecting evidence as authorities begin to determine how the boy was killed.

Kevin Chamberlain, the tribe's former chief and Jaime Chamberlain's cousin, said he did not have any details about what led investigators back to the house after days of searching in the woods and to Bennett's arrest.

The body had to be in a grave. We had looked underneath before and didn't see anything, he said.