To cater to the everyday fund requirement of individuals, Cashfloat direct lender came into existence with recognition of people's short-term borrowing needs in case of emergencies. It’s  the best direct lender that’s  very convenient to borrow with a good credit history, solid income proof, and people who can have guarantors for loan repayments. The real problem comes in when these things do not exist. Cashfloat acknowledges the payday loan borrowers as people stuck in an unexpected situation. They believe that with one fair chance, they can not only improve their credit scores but their financial situation as well.

They have facilities of direct lending, brokering services, and credit repair services amongst the offerings. They help their users avail direct borrowings or direct them to someone who can help in case they can’t. By far, they have helped over 1,00,000 people in the UK. The loans are available for a duration of 3 to 12 months.

As per a statistical survey over 40% of online loan applications are rejected due to low repayment ability scores. To curtain the same, they have an affordability calculator to help the individual access their loan repayment capability using the same standards as used by lenders at large. This helps the individual know in advance if they would check on the lender’s affordability test. They also help users improve the same by logical and ethical practices which include, proper filing of income and expenses. 

The affordability calculator serves as a virtual check without having any real impact. By such prior assessment, users are not only saved from the embarrassment of rejection but it also enhances the odds of their loan application acceptability.

They don’t have a rigorous process but simple terms to avail the loan which includes age criteria of being 18 and above, UK residency, a UK bank account, some repayment checks, and some 30 minutes of decision making time, and voila, the loan is granted and in some cases, the funds are credited the same day. The loan repayment includes more installments with smaller repayments to make the loan disposal easier.

The steps to apply for a loan are quite easy to navigate. One needs to scroll on the website and customize the loan with the amount and provide personal details in the application form. In most cases, the applicant receives an instant lending decision based on which the funds are credited. The borrower can also make the repayment schedule tailor-made with what suits them the best.

They have also introduced open banking services to minimize the loan processing time furthermore. In this feature, after inputting the bank details, the user is first asked to verify for “Open Banking”. Details are then shared with them using Open Banking. At any given point in time, the customer has the power to withdraw the access. 

Along with this, they have also come with their new Easy Start Feature which enables the borrowers to get a hang of the loan taken. With this, the customer can choose a reduced first installment and settle with the repayment schedule. This enables the users to have a more relaxed start to the loan repayments.

In most of the cases, customer faces hidden charges on such additional facilities taken. Cashfloat comes with the policy of zero hidden charges. They claim to charge interest only for the days of the loan. They also have a feature of pre-payment for users who want to discharge their liability early. Some lenders charge extra interest on early repayment, but they don’t keep the overall benefit of their borrowers in mind. Their website is quite user-friendly and is equipped with calculators to assess the savings in case of early repayment.

The customer can edit their details multiple times, make payments and approach other things all at the tap of one click. They also have a “Money on Demand” app to enable users to manage the account on their mobile phones as well.

They have an array of loan varieties to choose from which include personal loans, business loans, and payday loans. Personal loans give chance to borrowers to avail themselves of large sums for a longer period. These loans are designed for people with fair credit scores to help them escape the cycle of multiple small value short-term loans and find one loan to cater to all their requirements. These long-term loans are cheaper and are more manageable. The business loans on the other hand are framed for directors and small business owners to enrich them with a hassle-free experience.


In their product list, they also have bad credit loans, no guarantor loans, unsecured loans, cash loans, 24/7 loans, emergency loans, inter alia. The idea is to help people arrange funds as quickly and conveniently as possible. As the name suggests, each loan is designed to help someone who is not able to get a loan elsewhere. They also have loans for a specific category of people including loans for nurses, carers, and teachers. They have framed these after conducting thorough research on each of these categories of people and their fund requirements.

They had extended support to their borrowers during the outbreak of the coronavirus to reach out to them in case of their inability to repay due to sudden financial stability. The cherry on the cake is their exceptional customer care services which run between 9 AM to 5 AM Monday to Friday. The various ways to get in touch with the support team include live chat, email desk amongst others. 

However, while some websites are doing genuine work, credit scammers are also looking to target vulnerable people looking out for loans. To educate their users and spreading awareness about the ongoing cyber scams in the world of online loans, they keep a log of all ongoing scams on their website. One can check it and be aware to avoid getting caught in it.