It’s National Black Cat Day, but a viral video of a white and black cat riding an escalator is what’s going viral.

The video, which has amassed more than six million clicks since Monday, shows a confused cat that just can’t make heads or tails out of an escalator moving the opposite direction of where it wants to go.

In the video, the cat attempts to make a failed run down the escalator only to realize that passersby are descending upwards.

The 25-second video was shot in Suzhou, China, on Sunday, in a three-story library, according to the video uploader, Ms He, the Daily Mail reported. Ms He told the news outlet that a crowd had gathered at the bottom of the stairs to watch the cat in its escalator adventure.

As the cat continued to make its impossible descent downward, it was finally rescued and carried up the escalator.

Ms He said the cat was labeled as “stubborn,” captioning the clip “Why Can’t Wuhuang go down?” the Daily Mail said. Wuhauag is a Chinese cartoon cat that has a similar headstrong temperament.

The video, which appeared on Douyin, the Chinese TikTok equivalent, was shared over 19,500 times and liked 372,000 times with over 44,000 comments, the Daily Mail reported.

The cat was believed to be unharmed from the fruitless escalator attempts.

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