Invoxia attended CES this year to showcase its successor to its Triby connected speaker. The new device, called Triby IO, is said to be a powerful hub for third-party smart home devices.

The new Triby looks exactly the same as its portable predecessor, but it supports a wider range of smart devices compared to the latter. Invoxia said that its new smart portable speaker is basically “aimed at tech enthusiasts.” It can be noted that when the company introduced the original Triby, it emphasized how it was a connected speaker for the kitchen, “where family life happens.”

Both the Triby and the Triby IO look like a kid’s toy, especially the model that sports the baby blue outline band. However, TechCrunch claims the product’s design looks better than that of the Amazon Echo. The publication also puts weight on the fact that the Triby speakers can be easily hanged on a wall or the fridge thanks to its magnetic back. There is also a 2.9-inch e-paper screen at the front that features kid-friendly animations.

Apart from its playful design, the Triby IO is also catching the attention of CES 2017 attendees with its Google Home and IFTTT functionality coupled with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. The original Triby was the first non-Amazon product to launch with Alexa integration, so it is not surprising that Invoxia is banking on the same virtual assistant for its new connected speaker.

On Invoxia’s website, the original Triby — which is similar to the IO hardware-wise — is revealed to come with a whole lot more of features. It has 4 microphones, 2 custom-designed speakers, a passive radiator for bass amplification, temperature and humidity sensors and a micro-USB charging socket. The colorful outline of the device also serves as its protective bumper case.

Invoxia’s smart home hub also has on-board entertainment features. It has Spotify and Audible, as well as access to the company’s very own web radio service. The device is also useful in making VoIP calls and voice messages. The Triby IO is currently on display at the Las Vegas trade show, and it is set for release this quarter. It is expected to retail for $199.