Like other veterans of “The Challenge,” Camila Nakagawa is accustomed to getting into brawls on the MTV series. But when it comes to her fight with partner Tony Raines on the “Rivals III” installment Wednesday, it was one for the books.

After a night out with the cast in Season 28, episode 8, Camila falls and accuses two male cast members of bullying her. The men decide to wake up Tony to calm his partner, but what ensues is a violent spat between the teammates who have been on bad terms for weeks. Camila is caught tossing a glass at Tony, and he is shown cornering her against a wall. The altercation results in host T.J. Lavin kicking them off the show the next morning, calling their actions “completely unacceptable.”

Ahead of the episode’s premiere and her unceremonious exit, Camila dished to International Business Times about where her relationship with Tony is today and why they feuded in the first place.

Speaking at the DEWggro Crag event put on by Mountain Dew and the Splat in New York June 16, Camila said her issues with Tony stem from last season of “The Challenge” when on “Battle of the Bloodlines” he insulted her partner and sister, Larissa Nakagawa.

“We just got started off on the wrong way. In my life, outside of the show, there’s nothing worse that you can do to me,” Camila told IBT, recalling Tony made fan of her sibling’s height and weight. “I can take anything, but if you mess with my little sister, she’s my only sister, I don’t take that very lightly. I lost total respect for him.”

Camila said their issues only escalated this season, especially when he looked to her for acceptance: “A lot of the show was him pretty much begging for me to give him respect. And it’s like, I just don’t have respect for you. You can’t force that.”  

Camila claimed she attempted to ignore their differences and put the competition first, but couldn’t turn a blind eye to his actions in “The Challenge” house. “When it came to the game, I think I tried, really hard. I tried. I really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. And then he just started blowing up every night and being very rude and being very disrespectful not just to me but to all other women in the house. It was hard, man. I tried to see the good in him.”

Despite the fact their fight resulted in them being kicked off “Rivals III,” Camila said she does not harbor any ill will towards her former partner. “He’s got some issues of his own. Who am I to judge that? So I just wish him well. I hope all the great for him in this life,” she said. 

While Camila wished the father and “Real World” alum the best, she admitted they’ll likely never become friends. “I just don’t know if we could ever be friends. There’s so much about him that I don’t respect,” she said.

And if Tony’s recent tweets are any indication, he might just reciprocate those feelings.