In an effort to ease its exit from Canada, Chase Bank revealed on Thursday that it will forgive all outstanding debt for Canadian customers who had either of its two VISA credit cards.

According to Chase Card Services' vice president of communications Maria Martinez, who spoke to NBC News, “Chase made the decision to exit the Canadian credit card market. As part of that exit, all credit card accounts were closed on or before March 2018.”

Customer Paul Adamson, who spoke to CBC News, got a letter from Chase telling him his debt on his old rewards card was cancelled, effectively ending payments on his $6,157 balance.

Chase Bank Chase Bank’s mobile app has now been optimized for the iPhone X’s unique display. Photo: Reuters/Jim Young

Customers were initially told to continue to make payments on the accounts after the credit card operations ceased, prior to their debt balances going to zero. However, the bank has not responded to questions about the number of customers impacted or the amount of debt written off.

Of course, the move left US customers a little envious, with one tweeting to Chase about erasing their debt too.