What do you get for someone who has everything this Christmas? Whether your best friend is regularly cited by Rich Kids of Instagram, your family is in the 1 percent, or your uncle’s net worth is in the same stratosphere as Warren Buffett’s, here’s a few ideas for when a $10 gift card to Chili’s just won’t cut it.


Think that rich person on your Christmas list has everything? Well, they probably don’t have their own private island, like the ones up for sale on Private Islands Online. Ilha das Pacas, a 36,103-acre island on Sao Marcos Bay in Brazil, would make a nice Christmas gift – if you have the $10 million to satisfy the seller’s asking price.

“Conveniently located near the bustling cities of Alcantara and Sao Luis, the island is easy to access and within an hour's proximity to several international airports. Rich in resources and capable of sustaining very large-scale projects, Pacas is a developer's dream. Potential projects include resorts, holiday homes, or agricultural/forestry usage,” the seller notes on the listing for Ilha das Pacas on Private Islands Online.


Now that the wealthy person on your Christmas list has her own island, how about transportation to that private paradise? Yachtworld.com can hook you up with both new and used crafts. The Christensen Custom 50M Skylounge Motoryacht, for instance, can be yours for $37 million. The 164-foot yacht, which comfortably fits a party of 12, comes with VIP guest suites, a glowing boat deck, bar and hot tub, and it's helicopter-ready.


Does your rich uncle get seasick? Then maybe a plane is more up his alley. From two-seaters to jumbo jets, FlightPlanet.com has a number of listings for private aircraft.

For example, this 2003 Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 has an asking price of slightly more than $2 million. The business jet seats six passengers, is covered in gray leather, and can even be outfitted with a ski compartment.



Is a $70,000 Mercedes the equivalent of a Kia Soul to the trust fund baby on your Christmas list? Aim higher with the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS with a MSRP of more than $180,000.

The car features a 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 engine and sports two LCD monitors.

Decked-out iPhones

At $111,000, the Solid Gold Superstar ICE 178-carat gold, 5.5-carat diamond iPhone 5S from Goldgenie is a mere stocking stuffer for the 1 percent.

Goldgenie also styles iPhones with Swarovski crystals. Each device comes in a cherry oak-finished box. The company also decks out watches, cigars and guns if the wealthy person on your Christmas list is a Luddite.