When it comes to dating, many people have their fair share of standards. Whether it is height, appearance, occupation or other expectations there certain things some just can’t tolerate but could a bad credit score be a deal breaker? For 22-year-old Martina Paillant, a bad credit score means the end of what could have been a long lasting relationship.

The Brooklyn resident told the New York Post on Thursday that she has had a credit score above 800 since she was 16 years old and doesn’t plan on dating anyone who possess a score lower than that. Unlike most millennials who carry some form of student loan debt, Paillant revealed that she has none and can take care of herself financial.

According to the publication, a 2015 study from the Federal Reserve Board revealed that couples with credit scores of 750 or higher are more likely to stay together than those with lower scores in the 600 range who are three times more likely to separate than those with average scores. The Experian 2015 state credit report revealed that New York has an average credit score of 682.

The Post spoke with Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, author of “College Secrets: How To Save Money, Cut College Costs and Graduate Debt Free,” who revealed that “Millennials are the most indebted generation in American history.” She went on to say that it is smart that the younger generation monitors their partner’s credit score. It allows the person to see how well their significant other knows how to prioritize and helps them determine whether they are dependable.

However, author Brian Howie told the Post that dating someone based on their credit score is “ridiculous.”

Some individuals are so serious about dating others with high credit scores that there is an online dating site. CreditScoreDating.com matches users based on their credit history. Philadelphia couple Amanda and Devon Buchanan who split from partners with bad credit history met on the site in July 2014, nine months later the two were married.