David Leica is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of a large logistics firm headquartered in Warren, MI – Logistic One Ltd. Recently, David has expanded his portfolio beyond logistics and into real estate.

A new study from the McKinsey Global Institute adds up the balance sheets of ten countries that account for 60% of global income (Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States), coming up with some startling figures about how much money is in real estate and why. The study looked at real assets, financial assets, and liabilities held by people, governments, banks, and non-financial firms. The study, titled, "The Rise and Rise of the Global Balance Sheet," discovered that residential, business, and government real estate, as well as land, account for two-thirds of the global net worth. Despite all the recent excitement about digitalization, the oldest asset class of all-time still reigns supreme.

Most recently, David purchased 10 acres of land at the US/Mexico border in Laredo, TX. On this property, David has plans to develop a 400,000 sq ft storage facility and truck parking lot. Following in the footsteps of other smart & wealthy investors as well as other companies (Tesla, Oracle, and Hewlett Packard), David is making a large bet on Texas.

For David, and the other individuals and companies betting on Texas, the decision has as much to do with economics as it does with lifestyle. Case in point, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, who can live anywhere he wants on the planet (and soon maybe another planet), is reportedly shopping for homes in Austin. David also foresees Texas growing into a powerful tech-hub and believes that the state would be the perfect location to expand his logistics firm to. David is also involved with a rapidly growing technology driven real estate firm based in Austin, TX – Rastegar Properties. From the Rastegar website, “We’re currently developing multi-family, residential communities, retail and food and beverage experiences, office, and industrial projects from Arizona to Florida, with a focus in Texas”. The Rastegar Property Company’s vision aligns closely with that of David’s, both of whom believe that Texas will continue to grow, cementing itself in the world as a business mecca.

To conclude, David understands that while all of the talk about decentralization and digital assets are legitimate, real estate is still the top asset class at the moment. Accounting for over 66% of the world's top 10 wealthiest countries' net worths, David understands the value of real estate as well as of future digital assets. Further, David is not alone in his bet on Texas real estate as many like-minded people are making large investments in the state.

David states, “I think the real estate industry is ripe for disruption. There will be a paradigm shift in automation within the real estate industry in coming years. There are a lot of fascinating things happening at the convergence of real estate & tech. The best is yet to come.”