The Decorah Eagles live stream cam is back! For those who aren’t accustomed to the Decorah craze, millions of people watch as baby bald eaglets are born in Iowa. Last year, viewers missed the Internet phenomenon after the eagles moved their family’s nest, but for 2014, Raptor Resource Project (RRP) has placed cameras at multiple places to make sure all the pips and hatches are captured.

According to Decorah Newspapers, a live-streaming camera was set up in the eagle’s new nest near Decorah Fish Hatchery this fall. During last year’s hatching phase, people missed out on the craze because there weren’t any cameras set up yet. But the news site wrote that the eagles have been spotted bringing branches and nest material to the location, which is called N2.

The eagles haven’t laid their eggs just yet, and according to RRP's Bob Anderson via Decorah Newspapers, they usually lay their eggs between Feb. 17 and 25 and the hatching starts about a month later. Even though it appears like the eagles will be nesting in N2, Anderson said cameras were set up at N1, the original nest, just in case the birds decide to switch for any reason.

On its Facebook page, the RRP posts almost daily updates on what the eagles are up to. Most recently, Anderson wrote about “D1,” one of the Decorah eagles. The bird watcher explained how he tried to get close to the eagle, but his efforts were of no avail. “As I was going over the Argos data early this AM I was surprised to find that D1 was not too far from my home. I warmed up the car since the temperature was around zero, with a brisk wind, and got a cup of coffee to go.” He then went on to explain his journey of getting closer to the bird to try and get a better view to see if she was molting.

Nearly 85,000 people “like” the RRP Facebook page and most posts generate hundreds of comments, shares and thousands of “likes.” Check out the live stream footage of N2 below, courtesty of

Live streaming video by Ustream

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