DETROIT -- Honda (NYSE:HMC) was the big winner at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show’s special presentation that showcased and named the 10 best auto commercials from the past 25 years. The winning commercial was selected from more than 60 award-winning entries by a panel of more than 70 top advertising creatives and journalists.

The One Club, sponsors of the prestigious One Show awards, which recognize creative excellence in advertising, announced the top 10 automobile commercials from the past 25 years at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, according to a statement from Businesswire. The top award for excellence in car commercials went to the Japanese automaker’s 2004 ad “Grrr,” which was honored as the best automobile advertisement of the past 25 years.

Honda also had the second best commercial, “Cog,” from 2003. You can view videos of the top 10 car commercials of the past 25 years below.

The “Grr” ad highlighted the importance of clean diesel engines by having a cartoon dirty diesel engine pollute a magical world.

“It does show us what clean diesel can actually look like,” said Vic Foust of Channel 7 Action News in Detroit and the host of the awards ceremony at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.

A wide range of car commercials were recognized at the event, including advertisements featuring rap star and son of Detroit Eminem -- and Michigan native Madonna.

Volkswagen’s (PINK:VLKAY) 2011 Super Bowl commercial, “The Force,” took third place. The ad was viewed more than 55 times online and featured a kid dressed up as Darth Vader using The Force to turn on the headlights of the 2012 Passat. In actuality, the child’s father activated the lights remotely from his home without his son recognizing it.

BMW (ETR:BMW) had its 2011 ad, “The Hire,” recognized as the fourth best car ad of the past 25 years. The ad featured Madonna and actor Clive Owen.

Saturn took the fifth spot with its 2002 ad “Sheet Metal.” The commercial humanized the production of automobiles.

Chrysler’s Detroit-centric ad from 2011, “Born of Fire,” was voted as the sixth best car commercial of the past 25 years. The spot featured Eminem driving the Chrysler 200 along with shots of the Motor City with a voice-over proclaiming, “This isn’t New York City.

“This is the Motor City and this is what we do,” Eminem responds, pulling up to a theater as his song, “Lose Yourself,” played in the background.

Nissan (PINK:NSANY) took the seventh spot with its 1997 commercial, titled “Toys.” With Eddie Van Halen guitar riffs playing in the background, a male toy doll goes to pick up his girlfriend in a convertible. As he honks his car outside her doll house, a more attractive women is enthralled with the car and he picks her up instead.

Volkswagen returned to the top 10, grabbing both the eighth and ninth place best car commercial awards. “Lamp Post” from 1998 and “Milky Way” from 1999 took eighth and ninth place, respectively.

Chrysler/Jeep rounded out the top 10 with “Snow Covered.” The ad debuted during the 1994 Olympics and showed a Jeep driving underneath snow-capped mountains.

Check out the videos here:

1. Honda, "Grr," 2004


2. Honda, "Cog," 2003

3. Volkswagen, "The Force," 2011

4. BMW, "The Hire," 2001

5. Saturn, "Sheet Metal," 2002

6. Chrysler, "Born of Fire," 2011

7. Nissan, "Toys," 1997

8. Volkswagen, "Lamp Post," 1998

9. Volkswagen, "Milky Way," 1999

10. Chrysler/Jeep, "Snow Covered," 1994