One of Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s seemingly favorite ways to communicate with the public is a habit his wife really doesn’t like him having. Melania Trump, the 45-year-old former model who married the presidential candidate in 2005, divulged Thursday morning her distaste for her husband’s activity on Twitter.

When asked during a town hall-style Trump family interview on NBC’s “Today” show what habit she’d like The Donald to give up, Melania was pensive. “Let’s see,” she said, pausing briefly. “The tweeting.”

Trump the candidate spoke uncharacteristically little and allowed his wife and adult children to do most of the talking. But in response, he smiled and laughed before mouthing the words “that’s funny.” The rest of the interview featured Trump’s children heaping praise on the GOP star, including daughter Ivanka, who said her father has “tremendous empathy.”



Trump is well known for his use of Twitter and will frequently weigh in on the issue of the day through the social platform before even releasing statements through his campaign apparatus or talking about it on the stage of a campaign event. He has frequently attacked his Republican opponents on the trail (and, of course, the Democrats he says are his primary adversaries) and interacted with supporters through tweets and retweets of articles or comments he is fond of. His tweets have frequently attracted media coverage.

Judging by the number of tweets by each of the presidential candidates, Trump is much more interested in the social network than any of his competitors. His account has sent out nearly 32,000 of the 140-character messages. The candidate coming closest to that figure is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who has tweeted just over 16,000 times. All of the other candidates, including the Democrats, have each sent fewer than 10,000 tweets from their accounts. 

Watch the full “Today” show interview below.