Rapper Rick Ross is once again commenting on Meek Mill's ongoing feud with Drake. As previously reported, Mill -- who is on Ross' Maybach Music Group (MMG) label -- slammed Drake in July for allegedly using a ghostwriter. 

The beef led to both artists releasing diss tracks and several rappers and singers choosing sides. While Mill clearly had an issue with Drake supposedly not writing all of his songs, Ross has a completely different opinion on the topic.

In an interview with USA Today Sunday, the 39-year-old rapper explained that he's ghostwritten songs for other popular rappers. 

“I feel, personally, at the end of the day, it's about the music -- it's never been about credit of being a writer," he said. "The reason ‘Ghostwriter’ was created was because it was such a right-now topic." 

Ross went on to say that he will never reveal which artists he's written songs for because he respects their privacy. 

"I always just keep it real broad," Ross said. "I've never needed any validation or outside credit other than the artist just respecting me for coming up with some dope s---."

The rapper also discussed his new song "Color Money," from his album "Black Market." As previously reported, it was rumored that the song was a jab at Drake, but Ross said it was simply to “wake the streets up.”

“It was never about me taking sides," Ross said. "I am [Maybach Music Group]. I’m only on one side. ‘Color Money’ is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do: talk to the streets and the real G’s.”

Last week, Ross stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club to talk about "Black Market" and played coy when asked whether he was attacking the Toronto rapper in "Color Money." 

“That record is what it is. It’s a lot of different people that’s going to interpret it a lot of different ways, and it is what it is," Ross responded. "Everybody that know Rozay know how I get down. When I come, I come. So let’s see how it unfolds. We most definitely know how I come and what I do, I don’t play no games.”

Ross also responded to reports that the song was also taking jabs at Lil Wayne, J Prince and Birdman. Ross dismissed rumors that he was feuding with Wayne and J Prince, but said he doesn't "have a relationship" with Birdman.