Remote work has been gaining popularity in the past few years but it was only during the pandemic that even the most traditional companies considered transitioning to work-from-home jobs. While it was a major adjustment for many, it has a lot of advantages.

People realized that in-person meetings are unnecessary, especially with e-mails, online meetings, and work calls becoming the norm. As such, numerous companies started offering online jobs and work-from-home arrangements for their employees. According to SHRM Online, teleworkers are more productive -- even when sick. Telecommuting saves money and increases productivity for the company and its employees. That’s why more companies are opting for virtual offices or a mix of on-site and remote work. Interested in remote work opportunities? Here's how to find a job online through the best online job platforms.


Established in 2010, the goal of WriterAccess is to attract the best freelance talent and connect them with all types of businesses. To do so, they offer the best rates: 70% to the freelancer and 30% to the platform -- all fully transparent.

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For employers

Employers looking for candidates through job postings need to pay a monthly fee depending on the plan they choose. This allows the employer to access more talent and more workflow tools to accomplish all their content marketing projects. These are included in the basic plan which costs $39 per month. Employers can also avail of the 14-day free trial here to see if it suits their needs before committing. 

The AI-Powered Writer Search uses text analysis to match the employer with writers who fit their desired tone and style. An advanced search pinpoints 200+ skills and expertise filters. It also allows the employer to host casting calls and invite qualified freelancers. 

It has a star rating system to find talent within one’s budget range where one can price per word, ranging from 2 cents to $1 per word depending on the difficulty, price of the project and suggested or requested pricing.

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For employees

Great news for freelancers! You can apply absolutely free! WriterAccess is currently recruiting top-tier freelancers with specific expertise for higher-paying gigs and has openings with clients looking to hire the best writers on the planet. However, their talent pool isn’t limited to just writers. WriterAccess has expanded to include web designers, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, video editors and translators to help them find online jobs in the USA and other countries across various industries.

Join WriterAccess for free!

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Features for freelancers

Apply now for free to be part of WriterAccess’ talent pool and benefit from these features:

  • Create your very own online portfolio

Through the free online portfolio, you can showcase your work which has options to add images, links to your work and certification for top-tier writers, editors, graphic designers, animators, illustrators and videographers.

  • Connect with all types of clients

More than 40,000 brands ranging from SMBs to agencies to Fortune 500 companies connect with freelancers using WriterAccess. Features such as advanced search, casting calls, quote requests and its AI-powered Writer Search that uses text analysis helps to match you with your next client.

  • Explore opportunities

WriterAccess is expanding the type of talents it represents and the number of industries it covers for clients. The Skill Search List features the latest list of skills the platform is actively seeking freelance talent for. You must make a comprehensive list of your skills in your application.

  • Pass the screening process

WriterAcess reviews your work and experience, inviting only the best freelancers to move forward with their screening process. They make sure your online portfolio and experience are congruent with your suggested price range.

  • Receive perks and benefits

With WriterAccess, you can get free benefits like access to 250M stock images, content strategy certification, content marketing tools, portfolio gallery promotion and a ticket to their annual content marketing conference and recordings from the last four years.

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WriterAccess has been around for a decade, recruiting the best talents for clients of all business types, from small start-ups to large enterprises. Freelancers who are accepted could easily get a job or project depending on their skillset and portfolio. So if you have an impressive portfolio, experience and skills, you have a better chance of being hired or invited by an employer. 


ZipRecruiter lets employers post a job opening and the platform shares the information on numerous job sites and matches them with qualified candidates. Job seekers can search for work depending on their desired position and location.

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For employers

Employers looking for qualified candidates need to subscribe to ZipRecruiter’s service and must pay a monthly fee depending on the chosen plan. ZipRecruiter also allows employers to try out their service and post job openings for free. 

It makes use of customizable templates to make it easy to write the job description. With just one click, ZipRecruiter sends out the job posting to 100+ top job sites. Its powerful matching technology scans thousands of resumes to find candidates with the right skills, education and experience for the job posting, then invites them to apply.

ZipRecruiter also has a feature that automatically sends personal messages to favorite candidates so they’re more likely to apply. Its smart, easy-to-use dashboard helps employers sort, review and rate candidates.

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For employees

Job seekers rejoice! ZipRecruiter’s job search feature is absolutely free. Simply type in the job or position you’re interested in and your location. ZipRecruiter will show you numerous jobs that match your search. ZipRecruiter is not exclusive to offering work-from-home US jobs so you can also find remote and work-from-home job openings through it.

Join ZipRecruiter for free!

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Features for freelancers

Find a job that’s perfect for you through their Job Seeker page

  • Quick job search

Simply type in the job you’re interested in (in this case, add “remote” or “work from home”) and your location. ZipRecruiter will show all the available jobs that match your keywords and location.

  • Instant application

Once you find a job, simply type in your contact information so the employer can reach you. Attach your resume and you’re good to go.

  • Jobseeker app

Get the mobile app for quick applications. It has a one-tap application feature and sends notifications like if your application has been viewed. 

  • Relevant information

Get data and statistics on job positions and salaries in any location you type in. It features the average salary for particular positions and currently in-demand positions. 

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ZipRecruiter is an efficient way to look for jobs and get hired. With connections to over a hundred job sites including social media platforms, you’re one step closer to finding your dream remote job through this platform. Based on reviews, the ZipRecruiter app has been very effective in connecting employers with applicants in a shorter amount of time.