Fed Chief Confident In US Economy

In congressional testimony Thursday, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the job market is nearly healthy enough to justify raising interest rates.
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ECB Says Europe Must Boost Its Economy

The euro jumped in the wake of the European Central Bank's decision to cut interest rates. President Mario Draghi implored eurozone countries to do more to boost the economy.
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ECB Cuts Interest Rate To Spur Growth

The European Central Bank is expected to further announce measures, including an expansion of its massive bond-buying program, at a meeting Thursday.

Yahoo May Sell Its Core Business

If the Internet company spins off all of its Internet business, all that would remain is its stake in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan.

China's Xi Jinping Begins Africa Tour

The trip, during which the Chinese president will co-chair a summit with African nations, comes at a time when the Asian giant's investment in the continent is dropping.


Last update: Jun 2, 2020 5:01:pm
Confirmed: 6,349,452 (+99,234)
Deaths: 380,469 (+3,527)
Recovered: 2,308,777
Confirmed: 1,811,258 (+21,188)
Deaths: 105,162 (+784)
Recovered: 188

Emerging Markets Fear Fed Rate Hike

If the Federal Reserve botches its rate hike, money will flee emerging markets, endangering companies that borrowed in dollars and curbing economic growth.

Mergers Boom ... But Many Go Bust

This year is on track to see record dealmaking activity. But with half of transactions historically falling short, what should shareholders watch out for?

Note To Youth: Expect Tough Job Search

One billion young people are expected to look for work in the next decade, but only 40 percent will succeed if the global economy remains as is, a report said.
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The Deadly Side Of Pro-Choice Work

For employees and volunteers at Planned Parenthood and other women's health clinics, the threat of harassment and violence is always there.