Erica Abbot, a professional modern dancer in New York, was killed after a car ran her over while riding her bike in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

Abbott was riding her bicycle in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn where she lived when was killed Tuesday evening, according to the New York Daily News.

The 29-year-old cyclist was riding through a construction site when the horn of a car sounded, causing her to lose her balance over a pile of wood. Erica Abbott fell into traffic where she was run over by a Mercedes-Benz.

Although Abbott was wearing a helmet, Abbott was rushed to Woodhull Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. An onlooker reportedly attempted to help stop the bleeding on the scene from her sustained injuries from the bike accident.

The driver of the car, a 34-year-old woman whose name was not released, did not flee the scene and is not expected to be charged, as reported by the Daily News. The NYPD reported, There is no apparent criminality and the investigation is ongoing.

Erica Abbott was a professional modern dancer and costumer designer in a dance company, AFCDance, which is no longer in operation. The Village Voice reported that she received an MFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase and lived nearby the scene of the bike accident.

She was the third cyclist to die in New York City this summer.