Bow Wow and Erica Mena split update
Bow Wow’s ex-fiancée Erica Mena slammed his baby mama in an Instagram post explaining what caused their breakup. Pictured: Bow Wow and Mena at the Hollywood premiere of “Furious 7,” April 1, 2015. Getty Images

According to Erica Mena, Bow Wow’s baby mama is the reason she’s no longer engaged to the rapper/actor. Mena posted an Instagram comment explaining why she and Bow Wow split, saying Joie Chavis’ jealousy ruined their relationship.

Mena took to Instagram Friday to say Chavis, who has a young daughter with Bow Wow, couldn’t seem to move on from the “CSI: Cyber” star. “Sadly enough ‘The Truth’ is she wanted to be the one who got the ring,” Mena wrote (via on a clip of a recent interview Bow Wow did about the breakup. “From day one always wanted to be ‘The One.’ Even with the baby never was. So jealousy caused her to use the child as a pawn. Same thing with Angela Simmons. She didn’t ‘like’ [Angela] either. … That’s what you call true jealousy and insecurities. Poor thing.”

She continued: “Plays innocent so well to the public but really is the biggest mess of us all. I had to deal with stalking and non-stop late night text from her begging Shad to leave me as we laid in bed together. I prayed for her little does she know to finally move on. Now that I spoke on the truth!! Let’s get on with our lives.”

This week, Bow Wow opened up about his breakup from the former “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star admitting Chavis was part of the problem. According to Bow Wow, it was difficult seeing his baby mama feuding with then-fiancée. The actor said because of their beef Chavis didn’t want their daughter around Mena. “For me, I’m not choosing nothing over my baby,” he told VladTV. “That’s my baby. And there were times where I felt like I was in the corner, and I had to choose and that s--- didn’t feel good with me.”

Bow Wow also blamed their split on Mena posting their personal business on social media. One particular incident that seemed to cause some tension between the former lovebirds was when Mena revealed in an Instagram post that she had suffered a miscarriage. “I’m private with certain things,” he explained. “No one knew we were having a baby … When she did that, for me, I’m looking at it like why do you … Why do we feel sometimes that we have to ask the internet, cuz mother------ don’t care. … You’re looking for some type of sympathy or some type of attention to make you feel good … I just didn’t like that out there, I didn’t want that news out there.”

Shortly after their breakup, Mena and Bow Wow publicly lashed out each other. In January during a New Year’s Eve party, Bow Wow slammed his ex telling the crowd that he didn’t want people asking him about “no b---- from 2015.” He added, “Don’t ask me about that crazy b----. F--- y’all reality shows.”