Rumors that Blue Ivy Carter was named for Lucifer's daughter have been swirling since shortly after Beyonce and Jay-Z gave birth to the baby girl Saturday in New York.

But the high priest of the Church of Satan and a leading expert on Satanism both told the International Business Times on Friday that the rumors are entirely baseless.

The conspiracy theory alleges that Blue Ivy is a reworking of the name Eulb Yvi, which Twitter users have alleged is the name of Satan or Lucifer's daughter.

Jay-Z & Beyonce named their daughter Ivy Blue, Ivy Blue = Eulb Yvi, which was the name of Lucifer's daughter in Latin ! Twitter user MrZou posted Sunday, perpetuating the story.

But Magus Peter H. Gilmore, high priest of the Church of Satan (Gilmore asked that we note that he is the successor to the Church of Satan's only high priest, Anton Szandor LaVey), told the IBTimes via email on Friday that the rumor is total hogwash.

Eulb Yvi is meaningless gibberish. The mythical character of Lucifer is not considered to have a daughter in any of his major depictions in literature, Gilmore said. It is a sad aspect of our species that the masses latch onto utter nonsense if it provides an opportunity for stimulating outrage. Fascinating how the media driven cult of celebrity worship turns its saints into sinners with such alarming speed.

Asbjørn Dyrendal, an associate professor of archaeology and religious studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, confrimed, via a Friday email to IBTimes, Gilmore's contention that the rumor has no basis in history or mythology.

Looking at the rumors on the net, I find that the 'Eulb Yvi' claim comes with the rather strange, but authority-assuming claim to secret knowledge that this is Latin for 'Lucifer's Daughter.' You'll probably easily find (you have probably already done so) that Latin for 'daughter' is something very different, Dyrendal explained. I think you can be quite confident this is only a development internal to the rumor mill springing out of conspiracy culture and its lore surrounding 'Illuminati' and the contemporary music scene.

So it appears Russell Simmons is right in using the term smut peddlers for those who peddle the claims that Blue Ivy Carter is named for Lucifer's daughter.