“Puzzles and Dragons” is no stranger to crossovers, with characters from “Angry Birds,” “Clash of Clans” and DC Comics making various appearances in the game. The next crossover might be the biggest one however, as various characters from “Final Fantasy” are set to appear in the popular match-3 roleplaying game (RPG).

This is something that developer Gung-Ho has been working on, with collaboration from “Final Fantasy” publisher Square Enix. The crossover begins next week on Nov. 2 and ends on Nov. 15, so fans have two weeks to get their favorite “Final Fantasy” characters.

Numerous characters from the series will be available in the match-3 RPG, including fan favorites like Cloud Strife, Squall Leonheart, Tidus and much more. They will only be available during the event, so fans better save up their magic stones.

Interestingly enough, Touch Arcade has also confirmed a number of characters fans might not be familiar with. These include Ace from “Final Fantasy Type 0 HD,” Aemo from the Japan-only “Final Fantasy Dimensions: Crystals of Time and Space” and Wol from the Japan-only “Final Fantasy: Moebius.”

It’s possible that Square Enix is using the mobile event to promote these lesser known characters and games. Whether this leads to Western releases for mobile games like “Final Fantasy: Moebius” remains to be seen.

Pocket Gamer stated that the heroes from “Final Fantasy” would be available through a special egg machine. If players want to encounter the villains of “Final Fantasy,” than they can explore the game’s new “Netherworld” dungeon, which will be available during the event.

The Netherworld dungeon will have five floors. Each floor will have seven battles each and range from intermediate to mythical difficulty. Fans of the game better train their characters for the dungeon, especially if they want to beat characters like Sephiroth, Gilgamesh and Chaos.

“Puzzles and Dragons” is currently available in the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store, so fans have a week to get ready for the big “Final Fantasy” event. The game itself is a free download, with optional paid purchases for those who want the game’s best rewards right away.

Puzzle & Dragons Official Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GungHo America)