The upcoming “The Flash” Season 3 will be different from its previous two seasons, according to cast member Carlos Valdes.

The actor made the revelation during a panel discussion at the MegaCon event in Orlando earlier this week. Valdes portrays the character Cisco Ramon in the CW superhero series. He teased that the upcoming third season will be “way different” and that exciting things are set to happen to beloved characters, including Grant Gustin’s titular role, The Flash, also known as Barry Allen, Screen Rant reported.

Valdes also commented that the said difference will affect Grant’s character Barry’s “trajectory throughout the season.” Avid viewers may recall that the show’s Season 2 finale featured the DC superhero altering history by saving his mother. However, the action has resulted in a ripple effect through time where his Season 1 persona disappeared, as stated in the same report.

When he was asked whether the events of the Season 2 finale episode of “The Flash” will have an effect on other DC superhero series such as “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow,” the actor admitted that he has no idea if it would impact the two shows. Apart from teasing the exciting changes for the upcoming season, Valdes has also shared his thoughts on speculations that “The Flash” may potentially adopt the storyline from the DC Comic’s “Flashpoint” series.

The said comic book series featured a powerless Flash who finds himself in a different timeline with twisted versions of DC superheroes. Valdes commented that there may be a “chance of a Flashpoint paradox.” However, he neither confirmed nor denied the possibility that Season 3 may explore the said storyline. “I can say, without a doubt, wherever we go from here, it’s going to be unique and it’s going to be different,” the actor added.

Meanwhile, with the recent network move of “Supergirl” from CBS to the CW, some fans may have speculated that a potential love line may bloom between the Flash and Supergirl. Gustin has also recently commented that the two superheroes would make a “great couple.” A previous “Supergirl” and “The Flash” crossover episode has already featured the two DC characters fighting alongside each other. Melissa Benoist, who portrays Supergirl, has stated in a DC All Access video posted on Newsarama that she does not see the said two characters falling in love with each other.

"I don't know that they'd ever get together; I think they're too similar,” Benoist said. The actress also explained that she considers Supergirl and the Flash as “pals” who would hang out together and “like pig out on ... ice cream.”

“The Flash” Season 3 is expected to return to the small screens in October.