Hallmark Channel’s Summer Nights 2019 event ended a couple of weeks ago, and the network’s Fall Harvest lineup doesn’t start until next Saturday, but Hallmark isn’t making fans wait any longer for a new movie.

Instead, “Forever in My Heart” premieres tonight and acts as the perfect flick for this seasonal transition. Directed by Steven R. Monroe and written by Tyler Straessle, the Hallmark film stars Merritt Patterson (“Christmas at the Palace”) and Jack Turner (“My Summer Prince”) and sees lost loves reunite after distance first pushes them apart.

“While working for a family-run inn in Ireland, Jenna (Patterson) falls in love with the owner’s son Charlie (Turner) and creates a home away from home in the Irish countryside,” the synopsis begins. “When Jenna moves back to America to pursue a career in hospitality, the distance proves too much to overcome for Jenna and Charlie’s relationship. Five years after leaving Ireland, Jenna returns for a visit while on a business trip.”

The synopsis continues: “She feels back at home with her old friends and though recently engaged to her jet-setting colleague, she finds herself drawn to Charlie. While preparing for a big presentation to pitch a new hotel in Dublin, Jenna draws inspiration from the small-town hospitality at the inn, and even steps in to help Charlie when she learns it is in trouble.”

Things come to a head when Jenna’s fiancé (Blake Berris, “Days of our Lives”) visits her in Ireland, and she must choose between him and her life in America, and Charlie and the inn.

Filmed on location in Ireland, “Forever in My Heart” also features Emmet Byrne (Liam), Róisín O’Donovan (Katherine), David Herlihy (Patrick O’Hanlon), Ingrid Craigie (Molly), John Olohan (Gerald), Clinton Liberty (Peter), Catherine Byrne (Alice) and Kathleen Warner Yeates (Evelyn) in its cast.

Check out “Forever in My Heart” on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.