A former nutrition teacher at a high school in Maryland was indicted Tuesday in Charles County Circuit Court on charges of sexual abuse of a minor student.

LaToya Nicole Parker, 40, was accused of “brazen” actions in order to lure a 17-year-old male student from St. Charles High School in Maryland into having sex with her.

She was charged with sexual abuse of a minor, displaying obscene material to a minor and solicitation of a minor, according to the Bay Net, a local news site in Southern Maryland.

Parker, who was a family and consumer science teacher at the school since 2015, also allegedly shared inappropriate photographs and lewd messages with the student. 

Officials said the incidents were said to have happened between fall 2016 and March 2017, and that the allegations were first reported in May 2017.

The sealed indictment was made public Tuesday during a bond hearing for Parker.

The court documents said that the teacher would allegedly remove the teen from the classroom and buy him meals at restaurants.

Subsequently, she also allegedly began writing “love notes to him” that began innocently, but eventually turned into lewd messages as she would request for the performance of sexual acts.

Parker was also accused of showing the student photos of her, both naked and performing sex acts, the Bay Net reported.

An investigation into Parker's actions began in May after the student told others in school about the teacher's behavior, after which adults who heard what was going on reported it to the authorities.

St. Charles High School principal Richard Conley said Parker had been placed on administrative leave and was temporarily assigned to the Jesse L. Starkey Administration Building, beginning May 10, 2017.

"Once notified of the incident, Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) immediately removed Ms. Parker from her teaching duties and directed that she have no contact with students," Charles County Superintendent of Schools Kimberly Hill said in a written statement, Fox 5 news reported.

"At that time she was re-assigned to the school system’s administrative offices pending the outcome of the investigation. Charles County Public Schools has cooperated fully with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office and the Charles County State’s Attorney in the investigation," Charles County Public Schools spokeswoman Katie O'Malley-Simpson told the Bay Net.

Maryland State Police said they reportedly found 50 photos and one video that matched the victims' description on electronic devices, which they confiscated from the teacher.

"I understand she may not have a criminal record," Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Freeman said, adding that Parker had been placed in a position of public trust when she had been hired as a classroom teacher. "She went beyond asking. There is a community aspect of public safety," Freeman added and asked for a higher bond to be set for Parker.

Parker bond is currently set at $20,000 and she has been ordered to be electronically monitored and is not allowed to contact any minors.

Parker’s indictment came following the high profile arrest of Carlos Bell, 30, a former employee at a school in the same county, who has been facing over 100 counts of sex offenses involving numerous middle school students.