In the past, not every entrepreneur could afford a VPN network. And, in general, not everyone needed it. For an ordinary medium-sized entrepreneur, who was the owner of a cafe or a small hotel, it was enough to have a simple, free VPN for business and not have any problems with cybersecurity. Today, unfortunately, the situation has changed. But the availability of VPNs for business became different as well. On the example of nordvpn review, we can understand that these systems have a lot of new features. In this article, you will learn four reasons why a VPN is needed for your business.

vpn Four reasons why VPN is necessary for your business Photo: VPN

1. Cybercrime

Hackers do not stand still. Today, even large corporations, including global social networks, regularly suffer from hacker attacks. Therefore, all corporations need to continually be on their guard and use VPNs to protect their data.

As you probably know, VPNs create additional defense from hackers.  They encrypt everything you transmit to the Internet, whether it is personal secrets or bank data. There are many VPNs on the market today, and their security is not always the same. You should not try to save money by choosing a free VPN for business because it is unlikely that the free version has such essential functions as, for example, the OpenVPN protocol or IKEv2 / IPsec. And even the protection against malicious programs or botnets is present not everywhere.

2. Security of your local network

how-vpn-used Diagram shows how a VPN is used to access an internal business network. Photo: VPN

VPNs are needed not only to access external sites securely but also to protect your local network. Today it is no longer a rarity when the company has several offices far from each other with employees at a remote location. And the whole team uses the same network. VPNs and security are synonymous here. It will be a tragedy if a remote employee, being on a trip, enters the corporate network via a hacked Wi-Fi.

Previously, it was necessary to use hardware VPNs, which were manually configured by each system administrator. With such VPNs, security depended on the talent of a particular sysadmin. Today's VPNs allow you to set network security almost automatically, including allocating a personal secure IP address to each employee who needs it. An employee can use this IP address through a VPN from anywhere.

3. Bypassing the limitations of the provider and government website blocking

VPNs are perfect for cases when you work with a remote employee who often travels or is constantly located in an area where the freedom of the Internet is not good. According to, these networks allow you to bypass the restrictions of the provider. Using a virtual private network, you go to the Internet from the point on the globe that you have chosen yourself, and it does not matter where you physically located.

4. Safe browsing for your customers

VPNs are useful not only for you and your employees. If your business is a cafe, hotel, or any other public place where people use Wi-Fi, then VPN and security are essential for your customers. If a hacker hacks your Wifi, he will get access to all the data passing through it, including passwords, and online banking information.