I’m no fan of politicians. And I’m not a political expert…

But I am an expert at following money. And one way to track down life-changing investments is by watching what politicians do… not what they say.

Take Joe Kennedy, for example. He was the father of President John F. Kennedy.

Joe Kennedy was personally against alcohol and supported Prohibition in the 1920s. In fact, he offered each of his sons $1,000 not to touch it. That was a lot of money back then.

But like today’s politicians, he was well-connected. By 1933, he knew Prohibition was going to end. Laws were changing and would trigger a financial windfall.

So as the end of Prohibition neared, he invested heavily in Scottish distilleries.

As soon as alcohol became legal, he imported large shipments of high-priced scotch… and made the equivalent of $100 million in today’s money.

That money laid the foundation of the entire Kennedy dynasty – and ultimately put his son in the White House.

It’s no secret politicians are rich. On average, members of Congress are 12 times wealthier than the average Joe.

But have you ever asked yourself why? I did… and what I found out after digging deeper made complete sense.

You see, politicians have access to some of the most sensitive information in the world. They’re the first to know of impending changes in the law that can bankrupt one sector or cause a boom in another.

And until very recently, they were legally allowed to use this insider information to get rich. But now, the law has changed. So they must be a bit smarter about how they use their information.

In today’s essay, I’ll reveal what I’ve discovered is the next sector these highly connected, greedy politicians are all piling into…

Bigger Than Booze and Tobacco – Combined

Today, dozens of politicians are doing a complete 180 on another form of Prohibition.

I’m talking about cannabis. And just like with alcohol, many politicians and insiders publicly oppose it – while privately investing in it.

The good news: Anyone aware of these actions can profit. It’s all thanks to a new law signed by President Trump in 2018. It legalized a type of cannabis called hemp at the federal level.

Unlike marijuana, hemp contains only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. That’s the psychoactive compound that makes people feel “high.” Instead, its active compound is cannabidiol (CBD).

So it’s perfectly okay to sell, use, and transport hemp and hemp-based products.

Now, as recent as 2018, the federally legal corner of the cannabis market was worth less than $600 million. But according to the Brightfield Group… within a short time, it’ll grow to be worth $22 billion per year. That’s 37 times bigger than it is today.

And Merrill Lynch says legal cannabis will disrupt $2.6 trillion of existing markets. That’s bigger than the global alcohol ($1.3 trillion) and tobacco ($900 billion) markets, combined.

Now, you might be asking, “Where do the politicians fit in?”

Follow This Pattern to Riches

Now, I’ve seen this pattern before.

•    I saw it in 1994–95… when Wall Street openly scoffed at individuals for buying internet stocks, only to discover they were the biggest investors in tech pre-IPO deals those years.

•    I saw it in 2010… when Wall Street big shots were on CNBC every day, telling people to stay away from real estate – while they were buying hundreds of thousands of homes for their hedge funds.

•    And I saw it in 2017… when Wall Street elites like JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon publicly bashed bitcoin as a “fraud.” Yet Dimon’s company was secretly one of the largest crypto buyers in the country.

Each time, investors who grasp what’s going on have had a chance to make a fortune.

That’s why I recently made a last-minute trip to interview Judge Jeanine Pirro who’s investigating a brewing scandal, which she calls the “Cannabis Conspiracy.”

She says, “An incredible number of high-ranking politicians and insiders who once bashed marijuana have now flipped 180 degrees. And they’ve poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into a back-door cannabis investment.”

Few people in America today have Judge Pirro’s intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the government and legal system. 

Over the past decade, she’s met with countless insiders in Washington and has gained an invaluable perspective into what’s really going on in the corridors of power.

And Judge Pirro now says a growing number of insiders have set themselves up to make a fortune in the months ahead. All by piling into a corner of the market they’ve been criticizing in public. 

During my recent interview with her, she said: 

“I was skeptical of this new trend at first… then I saw what you’re about to see. And my perspective changed 180 degrees.”

I strongly suggest you take a look at this fascinating exposé.

You may have seen many of Judge Pirro’s interviews, speeches and TV programs over the years.

But I guarantee you’ve never seen her quite like this.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari

Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. You won’t hear about this story in the mainstream media. And no one on Wall Street is talking about it yet. But I can almost guarantee they soon will. You can watch the full interview right here